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Oh a black transmaiden. So her logic is because she’s “big and muscular” that she must defend her black “trans sisters”. so basically she’s internalized that “black women are masculine” racist trope so she feels she must pretend like black men are just like us if they throw on a dress and a wig lol ok

sorry not all black women internalize racist and misogynistic stereotypes about us. That’s why she doesn’t “get” why we don’t all jump on the trans bandwagon because she thinks we all see ourselves they way she does.

There’s so much coddling of black men in the black community and she’s just another coddler of them but she thinks she’s different because she’s convincing herself they are women.

Before all this trans shite I (not black) had never even heard of that ridiculous, racist trope. It makes no sense?

Nasty racist misogynists trying to alienate black women from other women - “If black women can come in why can’t the twanswomen?”

Pathetic fuckers. FEMALES belong in women’s spaces regardless of skin pigmentation. MALES do not! TWAM

She also calls herself a slur in her bio so I'm not really surprised this is her take

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She also shills for a sex shop, in her bio. She's so edgy and cool, way cooler than t*rfs 😂😂

cause black women dont have the time to fuck with men's (especially black men's) bullshit /shrug