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I strongly disagree that I’m not a woman

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typical TERF, not even asking twanzwimin or non-binary customer cervix reps for their opinions first


modern gynecology was built on the bodies of three black slaves owned by a white doctor, who then used those experiments to innovate medical procedures for all, specifically white, women. if black women were never considered as women, WHY would white people use black womens bodies for the foundation of womens health??

ive said this so many times im gonna make this shit into a meme

Oh lord I did not know this. Sickening

He vivisected them, with no anaesthesia. It's sickening, and so seeing these people say "if black women are women then men can be women, too, uwu" is all the more offensive.

Could you share some sources? I would love to educate more people about the contributions of black women to gynecology!

God, this poor woman. Sees enough TRAs being racist and starts internalizing it herself… I hate this movement.

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Equally sad and mad, but hardly surprised... given that the literal entry point for trans is to harbor at least enough self-loathing to think of your own natural physical self as "wrong"

It’s such a bizarre race to the bottom, isn’t it? Every woman undermining her own dignity to prostrate at the altar of mentally ill men.

I never understood this argument. For hundreds of years Black women were literally raped in order to breed more slaves. Everyone knew they were women.

What they had a harder time being was Ladies. They were not put on pedestals as Ladies, the way some wealthy White women were.

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So because racists try to say black women aren’t women she…believes that? Fuck outta here. Im a woman and no one has to “afford” me or give me “permission” to be one.

Imagine thinking you aren’t a real woman because racists don’t. Sorry you believe what they tell you but I do not. I am black and a woman neither one cancels out the other!

Also, I don’t believe any racists actually think black/brown women aren’t women/female. They know what a female is, even if they look down on that female for her race/ethnic background.

Just because racist POS see black/brown women as less that white women doesn’t mean racists don’t know who is female/a woman. Nobody in the world is dumb enough to literally believe a woman isn’t a woman because of the colour of her skin, surely?

I’m at a loss for words.

If you are a female (you know XX, body organised around the production of large immobile gamites, uterus, cervix, vagina, vulva - distinct and consistent LACK of a penis) and over the age of 18, then you are a “real woman”

The horrific internalised racism and misogyny of this woman is incredibly frustrating, shocking and depressing.

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distinct and consistent LACK of a penis

awroit, Sister, i'll be needing the backstory behind that boldface part, please.

What, you don’t have Phallus Fridays? That’s just me?

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I mean, in this whole wide wild world i'm sure we could rustle up at least one other Woman who's kinda fallen into a schedule where Friday is strap-on day lol

If yours is strapless? Just you. 😅

God the self hate. She needs to have a word with herself.

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But what even is a "self". And what if she only wants to speak with her awfentic self?

STFU, racists.

This 'gotcha' they use constantly really shows their racist asses.

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