Babe, the projection!!! We are the ones who want same-sex attracted people to be able to live their lives in piece without getting drastic “corrective” surgery to fit into a gender role based on stereotypes. We are the ones who want lesbians to be allowed to express their sexual preferences without fear of discrimination or violence. It’s not the “Terfs” that are campaigning for corrective rape. It’s the unhinged trans activists who want us all to suck their “girl dicks.” Try again, darling. The call is coming from inside the house.

Just checked this person on Twitter: 'my pussy is for business and my dick is for personals' and 'I am a business owner and the business is my cunt'. Detachment from one's own body is not much fun, is it?

Ouch, so she's actually already getting raped, just to add another level to this shitfest. No wonder she doesn't like having a vagina/being a woman if it's linked to prostitution in her mind/life

Submissive tradwife? Rape? Tell me you don’t know the meaning of RADICAL FEMINISM without telling me. Words have meanings.

Corrective rape fantasy is coming from your camp in the form of “transbians” aka pornsick men who won’t leave women alone. You have aligned yourself with the patriarchy and with misogynistic, homophobic predatory males.

Words have meanings

Not in POMO hell, which is where we live now.

So they think (admitting to) being a woman = being a "submissive tradwife", yeah?...

What in the world salad is this potluck of delusion?

Show me ONE example of a radical feminist advocating for rape of any sort. It is antithetical to every concept of radicalism. Full stop.

This is a child ranting at Boogeymen instead of deconstructing the patriarchy we all had imposed on us.

You know how those feminists are, always trying to force other women into domestic servitude and sexual slavery.


Yes, unlike men who would never try to force women into domestic servitude or sexual slavery.


How do they not see how ridiculous they sound? It’s criminal - pulling stunts like this to scare others away from thinking critically.

Why would “trans-exclusionary RADICAL FEMINISTS” want other women subjugated and raped? Where are the rad fems promoting tradwives?? I just. I can’t. Not sure which is worse - this one or the poor medically abused child threatening to rape other women. Doesn’t the extreme vilification of “terfs” give them pause? How can “terfs” be both boogeywomen advocating rape and also subhuman creatures who should be correctively raped themselves? And what’s with the preoccupation with rape? I’m sorry - I’m at such a loss with this strange word salad. It would be funny if it wasn’t so sad.

The preoccupation with rape is an expression of male culture

Funny, I remember back in the 80s when Dworkin and MacKinnon were accused of saying all sex between men and women is rape, and it made them fringe. Now straight men are saying the same thing.

Tell us more about how you decided to “be a man” because you were disturbed by YOUR feeling that being a good woman = being a traditional housewife…

I wonder what the thought process behind this word vomit was. "I hate Terfs, and I hate rape, so therefore Terf's advocate for rape"?

I can't tell if this is just a straight up lie or if this person is suffering from a severe intellectual deficiency. Possibly both.

Ain’t a big fan of IQ tests as a concept, but as a crude tool always worth remembering that half the population is below average intelligence.

As the late George Carlin said, paraphrased, "Imagine how stupid the average person is, then realize that half of them are even stupider than that."

I'd looove to see his take on gender garbage. RIP George.

Well, I've seen several feminist-hating men claim that feminists believe that either women cannot possibly rape or that men cannot get raped. Of course, you know who did think this? The men who made the laws about rape (before various reforms--though those might be under the term sexual assault and not rape)

Amazing how actual GC/radfem women get banned hand over fist for saying very innocuous things like claiming women are real people and deserve rights, then no one can see what we're actually saying, then these clowns are able to claim we're saying horrific things with impunity.

Meanwhile I've seen gencrits get banned for just reposting the actual receipts of violent TRA rhetoric for 'violating violent speech codes' blahblahblah..while the actual violent tweets prescribing death and destruction to us are allowed to remain up.

The ease with which these people lie is genuinely disturbing.

[–] Riothamus scrote 16 points Edited

The ease with which these people lie is genuinely disturbing.

Any man who tells you he's really a woman has never been on speaking terms with the truth. We can trust these guys to lie about everything.

Definitely agree with you there, and the persecution complex definitely seems to come with the rest of the delusions; just sometimes the blatantness of it is still shocking.

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