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Well, the good news is that they are killing or damaging a lot of their sperm, so it might inhibit their entry into the gene pool if they do it enough. I'm inclined to encourage it.

The part that sucks about this is that a HUGE amount of TIMs wait until their wife is pregnant or the kids are still young to declare they're demented perverts, essentially shackling their kids and wives to them. They do it on purpose.

Gay men have been doing this to their unwitting beards since forever. TiMs are just so terribly male.

It's like it's part of the APG playbook because it's so common.

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It also makes an infuriating kind of sense in terms of the evolutionary viability of AGP, insofar as the tendency might be heritable.
A trait that waits until dude has fathered kids to come into full bloom[1] is a trait that actually has a nonzero chance of being passed on to posterity (again, insofar as it's genetic).

The same thing may also contribute to the significant preponderance of homosexual men who stay closeted, even in 21st century progressive urban environments where there's little to gain thereby, until the same point in life—and why the same phenomenon isn't seen in lesbians.

[1]: As in algal bloom, of course.

AGP is a narcissist disorder and narcissists famously demand to have the spotlight back on them whenever it strays to another person having An Experience.