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She's teaching her kids to be safe around men, not to fear women. She's doing everything right. die mad about it

men in the bathroom is not a grey area, its a violation of boundaries.

i hope his mum was just trying to prevent him going off at her and doesn't sincerely believe that, but she should be telling her adult son to respect female only spaces.

She's probably scared of him. I would consider myself a complete fucking failure as a parent if my son grew up to be an autogynephile. His mom is either deluded or just drinks herself to sleep every night wondering where she went wrong

I would honestly disown my own kid before enabling him to fetishize MY fucking gender. Fucking disgusting. It would make my skin crawl so hard it wouldn’t even bother me to cut him loose.

“Women who look like you” aka MEN have sexually assaulted children countless times in restrooms, you freak.

Cope and seethe that mothers are teaching their children to avoid/be cautious around strange MEN who are creepy, entitled, and aggressive enough to barge into a space where they don’t even belong.

There are videos of men jacking off in public bathrooms on porn sites and installing hidden cams as well.. So the fact they're saying there's no reason to fear a man in female's restroom with their child really shows how dumb they are. Fuck this guy. There's a reason why you see mother's bring their sons into the bathroom with even if they're 8+ because of the fear the moment they're alone they can get instantly raped or hurt by a strange man. If you're really afraid of transphobia don't use the bathroom or go to the gender neutral one. The op clearly doesn't pass as a woman at all not even a masculine one.

They always seethe the hardest when they're denied access to vulnerable populations, especially children. You don't see TIFs focused on getting unconstrained access to children.

It says a lot about this movement that they demand concessions not from the relatively powerful, but the relatively weak.

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It says a lot about this movement that they demand concessions not from the relatively powerful, but the relatively weak.


Those women are not teaching their children to fear men. (Even though that might arguably be a good idea.)

They are teaching their children to fear perverts who entered the women's toilets and thus proved themselves to be dangerous.

Never once did my mother warn me about men in general, or a man in particular, when I was a child, but then, we never encountered an obvious pervert.

Yeah. An uninvited man in women's spaces is always a red flag.

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I wish my mother warned me about men, tbh.

I hate how society in general simultaneously warns women to never walk alone at night (gee, why would that be? 🤔) but screeches “not all men! Stop demonizing men!” Our lives must be constantly circumscribed by male violence, but we can’t discuss it, because that would be mean and misandrist.

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this reminds me of being a little girl and going to the swimming pool with my father. my father is a CSA survivor and went to prison for drug charges as a young man and was put into a cell with a rapist. he had a very difficult time in prison. i've talked about it here before. i never realised why he was distressed taking me into the men's bathroom as a child and why we rushed in and out getting changed, being a happy child who just wanted to play, mess around have fun and laugh. until i grew up i never realised the impact my father's abuse had on him or even had on me (that's a whole other post/story). it impacts every single part of your life. this is what these men don't understand. your presence is an assault no matter how nice you think you are. the fact you want people to accept you in this way shows you have very little empathy.

I’m so sorry to hear what your father went through.

These TIMs know full well why parents are cautious around men in bathrooms/changing areas, public pools, and everywhere!

They know why mothers don’t want to send young boys alone into the men’s room, and why even as they get older, they still wait and check on them to make sure they got out okay. So they think their presence around little girls in a place where men do not BELONG will be met with open arms and applause?!

There have been many incidents of men grabbing and pulling children under stalls and assaulting them WHILE their fathers were right there but busy changing a diaper, etc. and also men caught filming under the stall door. It only takes a split second for a man to grab a child or expose himself. It truly is distressing and I have a friend who is a CSA survivor and felt the same way as your father about wanting to always quickly get out of the men’s bathroom with his children.

These TIMs sound like predators, since they’re so preoccupied with what someone else is doing with their own children. I thought they just wanted to pee, not creep on children and women. Men who go on and on about other people being “paranoid” about child predators are NOT normal. At the very least, as you said, they have very little empathy.

thank you sister. your empathy honestly means a lot to me. some people just don't get any of it. my father has never been able to get over what he's been through and i doubt he ever will. it's consumed my mother's life with this social misogyny (best way i can put it) of the expectations of her being able to fix him and being there for him forever helping him. i truly believe extreme trauma can harm cognitive abilities as i've seen it with my father.

i have no doubt there's been incidents like that. there was a situation with a predator in my country who took a four year old girl from a tent at night while the parents and baby sister were sleeping in the next "tent room". they'll take any opportunity they can.

these TIMs are in a way talking like they are entitled to others' children, like they are a commodity to groom for them without autonomy themselves. they always talk about how parents are making their kids hate them with "transphobia" but they never talk about the fear that children may also have of them. i think lots of children have good intuition that is slowly worn away by social conditioning. it's a parents' job to protect their child and it sickens me when i see people trying to break that down.

Just a couple days ago, this same TIM was told by his therapist that he should stop calling himself a “girl” because he’s in his early forties. He refused and said he will continue to call himself a girl.

He got his “girl name” from a girl he knew in the fifth grade whom he liked and wanted to be like. 🤮 He’s “having his second puberty” now.


Yeah, once again, great job to all the mothers protecting their children from this creepy-ass scrote!

Ewww I remember this guy. It is fucking scary and so creepy that he chose that name

I wonder whatever happened to that tim dad who was mad that his daughter didn't want him to use his name

Omg, the TIM dad stole his own daughter’s name?! This is psychopathic behavior, wanting to skinwalk even their own children. Wtf?!

Right?? It was so ducked up. He was "hurt" that she didn't want him to take her name ffs

Oh I thought that you post was going to be about Erin the moron who stole his name from a little girl but nope, there’s a second creep out there

I thought of “Erin” too and am beginning to wonder how many TIMs out there want to skinwalk not only their wives/gfs or adult friends but also little girls.

Go fuck yourself, asshole. You can die mad that women are protecting their children from inconsiderate assholes like you. You will never be a woman and the fact that you don't understand exactly why that lady warned her kids is proof of that.

Congratulations, you played yourself, sir

The fact that you are offended that she’s doing this is exactly why she’s afraid of you and telling her kids to stay in the stall

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