I’ll never forget the day I stumbled on one of these gore sites when I was about 17 . The images are burned into my brain as were the things those men were saying about the victims ( mostly women), one image of a pregnant lady who’s husband had burned her alive , her charred body with her arms curled in and the next image of her autopsy of her babies corpse. The men were talking about how sexy these images were ... never trust any man without sufficient evidence they are normal , verify everything they tell you. Men are a danger first and foremost.

When I was in high school, my best friend at the time (who was a TIF) showed me a gore site. I really wish I could go back to before I knew of the existence of gore sites.

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The depravity of men. Also, TIMs, because they say foid instead of femoid.

Whats the difference between foid and femoid?

Also, all TIMs are men

I think femoid is not used much anymore because it is similar to humanoid which implies that women are human.

I hope women one day realize they will never be "one of the good ones". You're not allowed to argue with males, because if you get hit you deserve it for "acting like a man". All violence against us is justified in their minds.