Potential problem?

How many self-ID'd male prisoners are housed in female institutions as of now? And you "just" noticed the potential problem?

(only when it touches you, is it a problem, eh?)

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We need to quickly compile all of the evidence of men self IDing as trans and being moved to the women’s prison in a concise way. This is the perfect opportunity to bring awareness while everyone’s attention is on the topic.

Same old, same old, people only care about things that impact them and you cant really expect much from a bunch of mentally ill narcs.

Interesting that for all of their identifying as the most oppressed people ever, this person also clearly understands that declaring yourself trans after committing a crime can be used as a ploy to...receive lighter consequences (ie expect better treatment from the institutional justice system). Mask slip moment there, a lot like the TIMs who talk about how they drop the act and use their real voices when they feel threatened by other men, because they know it's safer to 'out' themselves as trans to a strange man than to be presumed a normal-ass woman.

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Not only get better treatment, but be handed more victims on a plate.

"Republicans are trying to gaslight the public by trying to act as though reasonable people have been claiming that every single person's identity is valid 100% of the time."

Isn't their whole thing that all people's identities are always 100% heckin valid?

Except there is literally no information right now to suggest that this guy doesn’t legitimately believe he is non-binary or that this is some sort of defense strategy, other than wishful thinking. He will spend the rest of his life in prison. At this point the only thing he stands to gain is maybe ending up in a women’s prison? Then it would make more sense to claim to be a woman. It’s not like they’re halfway through the trial and he announced a pronoun change. This is the initial court documents where his “identity” was declared as non-binary. These people going on about it as a defense strategy and he’s faking are literally just hoping because they want him to be right wing, no evidence has suggested that. For now, if you believe non-binary is a real thing, you are breaking your own rules by not accepting that. I’m glad I don’t do these mind games with myself. No motive has been released, no suggestion that his lawyer is lying about his client has been evidenced.

The post doesn’t even describe the situation at hand, where the perpetrator in this case has been as consistent about his trans identity from minute one, which is basically where they are in prosecution of the case.

"Self awarewolves" is my favourite tag. Not sure who came up with it, but brava!!

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I hate how they think being “trans” at all gives them a privilege to commit crime. And it’s only this privilege he is looking to protect.

I did not actually know that Manning transitioned in order to get a lighter sentence.

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