Even before he got to the bit about genitals it was already the unsexiest thing I have ever read in my life. Pander to his ego! Play his pretend games and reassure him! Remember at all times how insecure he is and never. stop. fluffing. He’s very traumatised because he never had the privilege of sexual liberation that you cis women have (wtf) and when he identified as a man people used to expect him to actually do stuff in bed, you should make it up to him!

And then the actual sex bit seems to be just more instructions for pretend games. IF YOU HAVE TO PRETEND SOMETHING ELSE IS HAPPENING DURING SEX IT IS BAD SEX. Ugh.

And exactly why should any woman put herself through all this crap? The question doesn’t occur to him, so he never attempts to answer it. I don’t think there’s anything in there about how a woman might teach or encourage a TIM to be a better lover.

I don’t think there’s anything in there about how a woman might teach or encourage a TIM to be a better lover.

Of course not. Ironic how that is very male of him. And narcissistic, without a doubt, but definitely male.

[–] GCRadFem 47 points

I can’t make myself read it. Fuck every last TIM but it won’t be by lesbians.


It’s giving me flashbacks of the stonewall TiM in secondary school’s giving talks to teenage girls on how to lesbian and how to give handjobs for female penis years back now. Alex Drummond iirc?

I was always GC to an extent straight away. Woman is a term in law necessary to be factual for all legal right protections that self ID makes meaningless. That clicked for me straight away, along with the obvious about rapists in female estate and women’s dv shelters and sports. But I knew ziltch about transition effects and kids brain washed by trans cult for this and couldn’t have cared about pronouns as long as not compelled and was vague on toilets change rooms etc as long as single sex spaces as well as mixed sex etc (I still had littles at that point and spent plenty time in mixed sex changing at swimming or shared baby change and feed facilities at soft play etc and didn’t think much past single sex as well and how would anyone check anyways). I was very straightforward about GC, but v soft GC I guess.

Until Alex Drummond ‘lesbianing’ in secondary schools. And cotton ceiling. And that was me full terfing.

*super long winded self involved rant to say I also can’t stomach what I know will be in that.

Even worse, "lesbian" websites like Autostraddle have published articles on how to have sex with a penis... Autostraddle also loves to teach its readers about BDSM practices, revolting beyond words.

Imagine not liking dick and having to fuck an atrophied one to boot

I couldn't bring myself to read it either but I read the comments and it really is ALL men in that post. Don't any of them for a second realise just how stupid they sound?

[–] hmimperialtortie 🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈 43 points

Making sure that your partner FEELS like the gender that they are is by far, the single most important part of having a good sexual relationship with them.

Funny how people who actually are a particular sex don’t have to be made to FEEL they are by anyone else.

Which is why, yes, it might look like a penis, but it's going to feel, smell, and taste like a vagina.

I’m not sure whether the dishonesty or the stupidity stands out more here.

(Pro-tip, "the spot" on the clit = the frenulum, located on the underside of the head of the shaft, known now as a "phallo clit").

Pardon me while I puke.

And of course the commenters are even more degenerate losers than he is is.

Which is why, yes, it might look like a penis, but it's going to feel, smell, and taste like a vagina.>

They tell on themselves with this line. If they actually believed dicks and vaginas were interchangeable, they wouldn't have conniption fits because lesbians don't want to sleep with them. Only women are expected to do the hard work of self-gaslighting.

Vaginas and penis' smell, feel, and taste completely different from one another. How can anyone assert this sort of bullshit and be taken seriously?

I got the impression this person has only watched animated porn and never had sex with a human at all.

[–] CeruleanPisces 18 points Edited

From the comments: "get in the right mindset and in the heat of the moment actually forget there's anything but a vagina there."

Dude, my man, bro, there isn't a vagina there and there never was and there never will be. That sir, is a penis.

Edit: Shit, these guys are too much, heres another funny one :

"I really enjoy penetrating, but the act of doing so can make me feel like I'm acting as a man in the situation (internalized transphobia and cisheteronormativity can get really bad for me)."

You are a man,you are acting as man, and you are cishetonormative because you're a straight man having sex with a woman. Putting on a wig doesn't make you a woman while you have sex with a woman with your penis lol.

Many transbians were previously forced to live under the guise of straight men, and many of them never had that encouragement of body exploration, sexual liberation, and "embracing what works for you" that a lot of cis women (especially cis lesbians) get. Most of the conversation around men and sex tends to be in regards to performance, and more specifically, the kind of overall dominance that most commonly suits the assumed tastes of straight women.

Did they really just say that women, and especially lesbians, receive more encouragement from society to be sexually liberated than STRAIGHT MEN do?! 🤣 That WOMEN have been free to explore what sexually satisfies us, while men have to selflessly worry about “performance”? Are you fucking kidding me? Ever heard of the hetero orgasm gap, you delusional scrotes? Or the fact that lesbian women have been vilified and harassed throughout history BY MEN, that their sexuality wasn’t respected as legitimate because it didn’t center on dick?

And where do these “assumed” tastes of straight women come from? From misogynistic culture (practically every culture on earth) and the porn it produces, which tells men that women are nothing but an object that they can dominate and impose their own desires on.

And now we’re supposed to feel sorry for the poor, pornsick straight men when they become “transbians,” and sexually and emotionally cater to them and their fee-fees? Newsflash, fetishists: that’s what straight women already do every single day for straight men since time began, and that’s bad enough, but to impose this on lesbians is corrective rape and you are all predators.

[–] Juniperius 6 points Edited

It's the modern white man's burden, doncha know. Being forced to sexually dominate everyone around them all the time. So sad.

Like anyone on that sub needs instructions on how to have sex with a man. At this point, most of that sub are creepy fetishist men anyway, and the rest are bi women who think they're lesbians because they're dating the above mentioned creepy fetishists. And obviously, any remaining lesbians don't need advice on having sex with men because they're actually lesbians.

These men truly don't get how sexually disgusting and repulsive they are to lesbians. Their dicks, their whole bodies, all of them.

And the bi (or occasionally het) women who date and fuck these men truly don't get the betrayal and the damage they do by falsely calling themselves "lesbian".

Lmfao I read like a paragraph in because it’s a guide on how to have sex with a needy, insecure straight man.

Is anyone else super grossed out by terms like "clit play"? I don't think I've ever thought "okay time for some clit play" when I'm with a woman because uh...yeah of course that would be part of sex. And to insult women who have had their anatomy criticized or ignored forever by saying thay men have clits too? Bleh.

[–] T3RRFIC 18 points Edited

There must be no real lesbians on that sub anymore

The replies seem to be from NBs and Ts ?

A truly disturbing read.

Everyone gets erections now, apparently

all genetalia are made from the same stuff to begin with..

well,if you go far enough back me and my laptop was once one thing

but you don't fuck your laptop or a rock, do you? ' I don't want the D, stay away from me.

Poor young Lesbians.

May the goddess smite the gaslighters

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