[–] TervenofBitches 66 points Edited

This is hilarious. Especially since many gender critical people start out as gender woo woo believers, and then seek out gender critical sites themselves after some part of trans ideology pushes them too far, and the cognitive dissonance sets in. Telling people not to talk to us won't stop that from happening.

Just like Christians telling doubters to pray alone, but don't talk to unbelievers and backsliders.

Do they think gender critical arguments are like, hypnotic or something? 😂

Should I stop doing my special hypnotic terf dance? It mostly involves standing on one foot and hissing but I'm sure I'll convert someone any day now. I can show you at the next terven meeting if you promise to not get too overcome

Your description of it, alone, has rendered me highly impressionable.

[–] womenopausal witchbabe 3 points

Name checks out (as long as you can do a short back and sides at the same time as hissing on one foot)

[–] RisingUp 31 points Edited

Probably! I’m sure the concept of being persuaded by rational argument and facts actually does seem strange and mysterious to hardcore TRAs.

No rape threats? No emotional blackmail? They aren’t organising mobs against small businesses or making threats against anyone’s children, and no one seems to be afraid of them. And they don’t have enough institutional leverage to argue from authority... but people still find what they’re saying persuasive? It’s obviously witchcraft.

Terfy hypno on YouTube... after a month you too will be a grumpy person whose birth sex doesn't control your expression! You'll be able to see the sex-based inequality that still pervades our societies! You may lose all interest in makeup!

[–] no- 13 points

Rich coming from people who literally hypnotize themselves with porn (sissy hypno and all that).

[–] ItsCalculated 39 points Edited

It must be terrifying when you are passing out the kool-aid, and people start getting wise, and choosing water instead.

so I usually try to tell people why they shouldn't use this phrase so lightly, but it actually fits perfectly here.

Jonestown was a horrific tragedy and MOST people there did not happily guzzle what was poison sweetened, it wasn't kool-aid. they often did drills at Jonestown, where they'd pretend to drink the poison to practice for if the enemy ever came. they were told it was yet a other drill, and to offer up their children first. Some parents killed themselves after being shocked to see their own children foaming at the mouths from the poison. some parents and children had to be shot up with needles instead of willfully drinking.

usually hearing people say 'oh dude you drink the kool aid' kinda bothers me, but this time it's the perfect metaphor for transing children and forcing ideology.

I feel bad for koolaid. It was flavoraid.

I agree it's usually used too lightly bit also that this is a very appropriate use.

[–] furyosa MERF 39 points

Cult recruitment tactics are exactly what they're doing, i.e. telling people what not to read. Gender criticals are encouraging people to read and listen to everything coming out of the trans cult.

[–] Yemaya 29 points Edited

People abandon gender ideology when they read criticism of it because it's a weak as fuck ideology and the person who wrote that knows it too which is why they don't want anyone reading what the terves have to say lol

I can read TRA and conservative shit and somehow I haven't turned into one of them. 🤔 If you can actually think for yourself then it's not that hard to hear different perspectives and come to your own conclusions.

replace the word terf with anti-mormon and you've basically word for word got the Mormon prophets to their followers

[–] [Deleted] 🌸 Ad meliora 🦕 25 points

Oh now it makes sense why they think we are a cult. They all see a lot of people hate read our forums and realize we make reasonable, good arguments and they peak.

Just look at how many mentally ill children become trans from reading trans ideology (and then being told that transition is the only solution to their problems). It's fucking cult recruitment.

Yup that's my niece. She was freaked about puberty, then my brother went and printed off some crap for her to read all about trans, and left her alone to read it and then she was trans.

That’s right! We’re eeeeevil witches that cause people to finally achieve some clarity when they read our sacred texts of common sense.

Them: EDUCATE YOURSELF!! Us: okay i just did and it says here that... Them: NO NOT LIKE THAT

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