Recently a TRA on Twitter posted an edited version of an Ovarit post, so he could spread some kind of rumor that we're sharing recipes incorporating menstrual fluid to get in touch with the "divine feminine".

My favorite part is how he edited the post to open with "Hi there witch babes." Like we do!

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In much more boring news, the actual post he edited was about vegan sausage.

This was posted as a "bonus" in response to another screenshot he posted which mysteriously cannot actually be found on the internet.

How do you do, fellow witch babes?

I nominate "fellow witch babes" to be our new meme greeting on here lmao

How dare you be so non-inclusive! Some of us identify as gremlin lasses. Or smurf darlings, depending on what I'm wearing that day.

My fave thing about the other fake screenshot is how he tried to make it as disgusting as possible to make his followers disgusted at us, and there's still a man in the comments jacking off to it.

LOL I like how the actual link to the actual post is hidden on twitter as containing offensive content. Good job, twitter.

I could tell it was gonna be a vegan seitan meat thing. Lol, I guess since we don't have access to heme iron like beyond meat we have to resort to using our own menstrual blood for that genuine, iron-y, bloody meat taste and look. Lol, not like we couldn't use hibiscus tea or brut cacao powder and beet powder or something… oh wait, yeah, we can do that instead. How convenient for us not to have to wait around for our next cycle for vegan burgers. hahaha sorry this is just so damn funny. I wonder how many people will fall for it.

Why would we need menstrual fluid recipes? I already have an all natural source.

Omg that's so ~tRaNsPhObIc~ for you to have a source and talk about it

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Well, you might want to put vinegar or milk or other things into it before drinking.

Don't hate us cuz you ain't us. πŸ’β€β™€οΈ 🩸🩸

Man, if they'd just follow that philosophy, we'd have no problems.

... so he shared his own recipe for faking having a period? Gross.

Lol, that’s what I thought at first when I was reading it!

By definition anything using menstrual fluid wouldn't be vegan.

Not true, if the menstrual fluid is obtained with consent, it is vegan. But it is not plant-based. This is why it's frustrating that people equate the veganism with plant-based diets. It's not the same thing, exactly. I also hear people say a mother breastfeeding her baby isn't vegan (like from anti-vegans as a "gotcha" to mothers who are raising their kids vegan), and that is just absurd and offensive. Of course consensually-obtained, or given, breastmilk is vegan.

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TERFs are so disgusting and evil and also so obsessed with their reproductive capability, that is why I faking stories.

Your just a troll desparate for attention. Actually, you doing us a favour, by proving the fakeness of how awful we are. You can't even get a real screenshot, that's not in your favour.

Nothing TERFy compares to the vile fetishized and violent ideas TIMs have about womanhood. They post it under their real names, too. Such comedy.

Ooof, and if you scroll down his feed, it's not the first time he's mocked up fake posts of "TERFs" talking about menstrual blood. It's like the dude has a creepy fetish or something..

Jessica Y? Is that your new sock account? Gotta keep busy when not creating fake lawsuits I guess?

I thought this too! Since Yaniv referred to the blood from alleged "bottom surgery" as menstrual blood - so bizarre.

Oh, his feed is a MESS.

Apparently, the definition of lesbian is "non man loving non man" and has a post about "bi lesbians."

Complete dumbassery

The way they're trying to control language to demean women is sickening. "Bi Lesbians" is absurd.

Ah, yes, the human race. Made up of: men, and non-men. Totally not misogynistic at all.

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'Babes' is something Oliver/Abigail Thorn started using after coming out as trans.

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tbf British women (and some men I know) call people babes. He's probably modelling his i'm-a-girl-now speech on someone he knows.

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