This is such a brutal unintentional self burn she should probably get some ointment for that…

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didn’t mk fain get fired for saying exactly this

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I mourn for these women who have disowned their womanhood, choosing to run and hide from the oppression of their gender rather than boldly reject its power over their selfhood. To have so much pain, misogyny, and fear inside of you is to live in a constant state of unsettledness, never feeling safe or comfortable. In our last days together, I tried to show them a feminism that rejects gender rather than embraces its lies — but since I am “female” and they are “not” I could not possibly understand their pain. They said I was hateful.

It's frustrating and saddening to see all these women become non-binary. You can't opt of being female. The same sexism, discrimination, misogyny, threats, abuse, violence towards women, stay same, despite changing your woman identity to non-binary... It must have been so disheartening for the author to see her friends devolving into non-binary land, and then be attacked by them and called hateful.

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I still can't believe all this is real. Women literally thinking they are no longer female because they don't fit into insultingly regressive gender stereotypes. It really is like a new religion in the sense how it brainwashes people.

this is the kind of thing you see them write all the time in r/transgendercirclejerk, the "satire" board which is satire in the same sense that trans women are women.

I'm sure this gender stuff won't at all be confusing for young kids and teens.