Idg why they're posting this? Is this supposed to be flattering for them?? Is it supposed to be funny?? Did the titty skittles melt their brains? I don't get it.

A lot of them believe anything they do or have done is cute and innocent. They don't understand how they are viewed from the outside. They headcanon themselves as their favorite little anime girl.

But this comic especially ... the uncomfortable look of the woman? The inability of the TiM to, Idk, read the room, I guess? The lack of self-awareness? I just cannot comprehend how they don't see that this is ... I mean, if someone here on Ovarit made that comic, they'd call it a transphobic dog whistle, but they just post it as if it was some cutesy, relatable joke? Have they ever left the house?? Interacted with people offline??? It's just ... stunning. The lack of self-awareness is stunning (and not in the "stunning and brave" sense).

[–] GoodGoneGirl 25 points Edited

It’s a TIM, not a woman (notice the top in trans colors). They like to draw themselves looking like women, to promote the fantasy that people can’t tell the difference between a woman and a TIM.

The comic is saying “fellow TIMs, please stop mentioning that you used to be a nazi! It makes trans people look bad!”

[–] [Deleted] 🌸 Ad meliora 🦕 14 points Edited

It was a TIM who was annoyed at the amount of TIM's posting how they had a nazi phase. Don't worry, the sanity was in short bursts because in a reply to himself he posted another cartoon in where nazi's wanted to be friends with terfs.

r/traaaaannnns (sic) is their self-deprecating sub, and the "Nazi phase" thing is so common among TIMs, it was inevitably going to make its way into self-deprecating humor. (TIMs are still misogynistic, racist, violent, suppressing dissent, etc. so I question the "phase" part.)

[–] womenopausal witchbabe 18 points Edited

We know that people who are vulnerable to radicalisation aren't always too bothered which radical organisation they wind up in. They just need the infrastructure because it fills in a lot of their own psychological lacunae. It's not necessarily important what the ideology is as long as there is one. The ex-Nazi Islamist in Four Lions wasn't a joke: it's a real phenomenon.

By talking about themselves as former Nazis, the TRAs are revealing what the current TRA movement is.

i googled the artist's name and saw the other comics and they're all so painfully unfunny?

The comics are unfunny and ugly, so in that sense they're are a good representation of the movement (and activists) as a whole.

They are fully aware that neo nazis are a large part of their cult demographic. I'm sure the white supremacists in their group make them very uncomfortable, but that's the type of people they attract. They need to get over their fear of nazis and be kind.

[–] bellatrixbells BoobatrixRex 2 points

Now they're just racist to black women. I guess that's, uh, an improvement...? Yeah not much.