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This is what peaked me, the refusal to acknowledge male privilege, and the privileged behavior of transwomen thinking they get to dictate what we can speak about as women, and what language we can use. It is the most stereotypical male behavior, but they refuse to see it.

She said trans women have male privilege

They do. I'd bet you my last slice of pizza that "Rachel" Levine's professors didn't encourage him to go into nursing, rather than medical school, and "Martine" Rothblatt's business partners didn't take meetings with him because they were secretly hoping to fuck him.

This Black woman said men are different from women yet Black women are also different from white women which means men are women :(

Only now do I understand why Critical Thinking was a required subject at my university.

Chimamanda's amazing essay "It is Obscene" re-peaked me, shook me, and inspired me to read everything she's written. Best use of my kindle in months, honestly.

The more TRAs lash out against these eloquent, thoughtful and profoundly talented writers, the more people like me check them out to see what they're actually saying. She's one of my favorite writers now, all thanks to these buffoons.

I've never heard of this person so I just looked it up.

In certain young people today like these two from my writing workshop, I notice what I find increasingly troubling: a cold-blooded grasping, a hunger to take and take and take, but never give; a massive sense of entitlement; an inability to show gratitude; an ease with dishonesty and pretension and selfishness that is couched in the language of self-care; an expectation always to be helped and rewarded no matter whether deserving or not; language that is slick and sleek but with little emotional intelligence; an astonishing level of self-absorption; an unrealistic expectation of puritanism from others; an over-inflated sense of ability, or of talent where there is any at all; an inability to apologize, truly and fully, without justifications; a passionate performance of virtue that is well executed in the public space of Twitter but not in the intimate space of friendship.


This mixed woman needs them to get black women out of their fucking mouths. Black women are not your fucking gotcha

White cats are different from black cats, but they're both cats. Therefore, trans cats (dogs who identify as cats) are cats!

Makes perfect sense...must be that male logic that our female brains can't grasp.

Rachel Dolezal and Chimamanda have both had struggles in life.

Doesn’t mean they aren’t both Black

Black women are biologically female. Men are not. Why are TRAs so fucking racist???

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people online are so redacted. Yeah if they were born male (conceived male even) they have male privilege.

Them going after Chimamanda was what brought me to Gender Critical feminism. I remember listening to the radio and agreeing with everything she said and realized I felt the same way. I couldn't believe this was a scandalous thing to believe. I keep assuming most women in their deepest of hearts believe the same and just go with it all to avoid a scene.