You're still centering men by identifying as not being one, you dingbat.

How is this degree of un-self-awareness even possible?

[–] BlackCirce enby jinping 24 points

It seems almost pathological

On another Ovarit thread a few days ago we were wondering if choosing to believe TWAW actually breaks something in your brain so you can't reason soundly anymore afterwards . . .

Seriously. How does someone that dumb even manage to remember the breathe?

Someone at my work sent out an email recently asking for "non men" and I sent her a very polite email reply telling her what a dingbat idea that was. She tried to refer to some inclusivity bullshit, and I told her that being referred to as a "non man" was not something I considered "inclusive". So if she was looking for representation from women, that's not the way to get it.

I saw a comment on a friend's post recently where the poster was verrry careful to refer only to people with vulvas but slipped up and called penis people "guys" ans used "he" at least twice. Only women have to do this non-men bullshit

[–] SakuraBlossoms transheight 7'3" 28 points

Instead of men and non-men can we please just do brains and non-brains?

[–] GCRadFem 24 points

I can’t even deal with the non-men bullshit. It makes me crazy.

This reminds me of my emphatically straight friend who ended up hating men so much that she started dating a TIF, but was also adamant that the TIF was a man.

[–] KissMyOvaries 8 points Edited

Her face is all of 3mm on my screen and I can tell she’s a woman.

FR so many people genuinely can't fathom the thought of non-men living a life without having non-women as the center of it. They believe that somehow every non-man is at least a little interested in non-women and it's like... no????

There, I fixed it! Now everyone can be happy. Right? Wait, that's worse? Fuck, why don't we have the proper words?

This has to be satire. How can someone type this out, that women can exist totally independent and free of men, not needing them at al (all true), while referring to women as "non-men". That… just… what? Just say lesbians! We all know you mean lesbians!

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