So the category of women of colour includes me as an Asian woman and I've never experienced any of problems described about body hair (not more than the average woman). What's with this weird conflation? You'd think the people who keep yelling "Not all women get periods" would speak with more nuance on these subjects rather than implying all non-white women grow more body hair than white women. And on the topic male body hair omg that piece of shit. TIMs choose to do that to themselves. Society does not have a problem with body hair on men at all. While more body hair tends to be an indication of being male thus makes it harder to "pass" as a woman, "passing" is not a right. Misleading others about your sex is not a right. Men are not discriminated against because people notice they are male.

Same. I'm latina, I have dark thick body hair, but I'm still not as hairy as a man, or get mistaken for a man, or have anything in common with men besides being human. Why am I being lumped together with TIMs? Also, let's not forget that Laurel Hubbard went to the Olympics with hairy armpits and no one criticized him for it. Men, trans identified or not, are not required to shave.

would speak with more nuance on these subjects rather than implying all non-white women grow more body hair than white women

Yeah, I read that thinking how my body hair is pretty non-existent. I didn't shave for about five years straight and no one noticed or cared.

As a woman who struggles with body hair, FUCK this person.

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Hell yes! How dare they compare any woman to deluded men who fucking choose to imagine their "pressure to conform to femininity."

Even women with hirsutism have a different kind of body hair from males. It's not even close. Ask anyone that does hair removal for a living

Yeah I have hirsutism but most people don't realize because at the end of the day, my hair will never be as thick as a male's. Even if I were to let the hair on my face or stomach grow in, doesn't come close.

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"coercively masculinized and desexualized" please tell me this moron isn't arguing that not being seen as a sex object is a bad thing

Lol. He's also wrong. Black women (and non-white women in general) have historically been hyper sexualized.

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There’s some nuance to it because “outside the circle of potential mates” is a kind of ostracization but there has been this tendency in decolonial feminism (because of liberal creep) to make sexualisation and femininity something WoC should want, a privilege white women have but we don’t.

Reminds me of the TIM I saw who complained that "neckbeard" is a transphobic term, because transwomen might be depressed and have bad hygiene and not shave or some such nonsense.

The only group I've ever heard seperating WOC from white women, and treating white womanhood as the default are gender ideologues.
Genuinely. I've worked in refugee camps, lived across multiple countries, have a very multicultural friendship group. Maybe I'm naive but I just never heard about:

  1. Body hair shaming of woc being worse, or them having a greater overall issue with the ammount of body hair they get.
  2. Women of colour being told right now that they aren't real women, or being believed to not be female. (if anything I'd say they are treated as hyper-females.. all the sexism ladled on extra thick.)
  3. Women of colour being less sexualised or desexualised. Does he mean some people refuse to date outside their own race? Surely he knows how fetishised WOC can be? As someone who belongs to a fetishised group it's honestly the grossest feeling when a man talks to you and you can feel the fetish in the things he says, lurking below the surface.

Just.. what is this guy on about?

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The body hair thing is puzzling because white women have impressive body hair, it’s not a white vs “of color” thing. This is the same racial difference essentializing of “black women are tall and strong” when the the tallest women are from the Netherlands and the strongest women are from China and other Asian countries. The point of this exercise should be to point out that the construction of a black/indigenous/“brown” female body that is essentially more masculine than a white / fairskinned female body is to serve the interests of colonial and imperial men. Not to say yes it’s so true bestie white women are hairless elfkin and Arab / Indian women are hairy brutes and incorporate that nonsense into feminism.

W. T. F.

I literally cannot believe this is even a talking point. I literally. cannot. believe.