No. The equivalent of this would be to intentionally pass off white rapists as black, fully knowing what you're doing, then wondering why Black people are upset at your racist arse.

[–] BlackCirce enby jinping 21 points

Depending on how rape is defined in your country rapists are 90-100% male. Trying to make trans = black is nonsense. We don't want males of any kind in our vulnerable spaces and we are angry that they are being let in on the basis of being black trans. They are admitting to having a sexual fetish that makes them h*rny for being in the women's restroom and everyone around me is saying YES by all means go in the women's restroom and have a wank! Take women's sports too for good measure!

The desperation to hide behind accusations of racism is wearing thin. Nobody cares anymore. I want rapists off the streets and I want men out of women's restrooms and other spaces where we go to escape them because of their inability to control themselves, and society's passivity concerning their violence against women. I don't care if they are trans, disabled, poor, homeless, addicted, abused, "BIPOC," gay, a veteran, divorced, single father, unemployed, the marginalization to privilege level doesn't matter to me one single bit. That's what men are scared of. They are scared that we will take intersectionality back for our own use and form a women's mass movement that is united against male violence and depravity.

If there actually were a problem with black men disproportionately raping people at such high rates not seen among other men, it would be very important to discuss it, figure out what is at the root, and further protecting women in that area! It would not be racist if it were true. It’s not true. However, trans identified men rape at rates comparable or higher than other MEN, and not even in the same ballpark as women, whom they claim to be. Honestly recording and noticing disturbing facts and talking about it is NOT a bigoted behavior! It’s vital for human communities. Quit distracting from the facts by trying to make people who don’t want to be racist feel guilty for correctly seeing sex. Ugh.

They keep comparing being black to being trans as if both were immutable traits that people are both with.

Being black is actually a real thing, dude. It's racist to say all black men are rapists because it's completely ridiculous to base someone's character on an immutable, trivial trait like skin tone that they have no control over.

"Trans" people aren't born trans. "Trans" is not an immutable, innate trait. "Trans" is not even fucking REAL. "Transwomen" identify as "trans" because they're pornsick straight dudes who have warped their sexuality beyond belief and think that being a woman means strapping on sexy porn gear and harassing lesbians. It's not some shit they were born with or have no control over, and even it was, being a pervert from crib to coffin is not some kind of harmless trait like race or sexuality.

The fucking truth is that "transbians" are rapists. You might as well say someone is a bigot for calling a serial killer a murderer.

I think that's going too far. While some are rapists, many are incels who have never been with a woman, and a few have found women who are into men in dresses. They're not all rapists.

The comparison to race is absurd though. And that coming from someone who thinks it's OK to make those kinds of comparisons when it makes sense. For instance if someone is tolerating or overlooking slurs against Asian people and you know they wouldn't tolerate similar insults towards black people, you can remind them that if it's wrong to slur all black people it's just as wrong to slur all Asians.

But it's pretty damn far from OK when a man publicly exhibiting his sexual fetish think it's also just as wrong to refuse to participate in his fantasy, or refuse to agree with his political beliefs on the definition of the word woman. I literally cannot imagine how a human being could feel so entitled that he demands women to agree with his misogynist beliefs and cries about being a victim if he doesn't get his way.

Are the black rapists your neighborhood lobbying to make accessing you in a vulnerable state easier for them??

[–] Nona_Biba elephanthood 2 points

? Aren't many people already talking about middle eastern refugees coming to the west and raping/ sexually assaulting women at a higher than typical rate? Aren't organizations already trying to figure out ways to protect women and integrate male refugees (remember that finnish town that got rightfully roasted for dancing to the no no square song?) Is THAT racist, or is it simply recognizing a problem exists and trying to rectify it? If someone thought it WAS racist, I WOULD consider them to be pro-rapist, really.

But in the most backwards way, he's acknowledging that there are many trans predators to talk about.

[–] bellatrixbells BoobatrixRex 3 points

If there was a group of black men repeatedly raping people in your neighborhood no, it would not be racist to speak about it extensively. Doesn't seem to be the case, though. Or in any way related to the topic at hand.

[–] SakuraBlossoms transheight 7'3" 2 points

This makes no sense (obviously). If there was a large-scale movement to push for things like... black men being housed with women in women's prisons, then it would make sense to point out that black men, being men, rape at the same rate as any other men. All we're doing is pointing out that trans women, being men, rape at the same rates (or higher) as any other men.