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'I obsessively lurked in a space where women talk to other women, trawled the comments for outrage fodder and now take offense because you DELIBERATELY TRIGGERED MY GENDER DYSPHORA...'

Lol! Many men are attractive. Others, not so much. But all men are men. AMAM.

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They’re worse than average ugly-ass men. They go out of their way to make themselves hideous men.

Did anyone tell him to not be so insecure? Or that he should feel empowered when his body gets objectified?

I havent seen one passing TIM without makeup like a blowup doll and filters. Like yeah, I too can look like a supermodel with filters. But nope, I get all the male attention and sex without any makeup and shaving and whatever - mind you, from the one man I chose to keep in my life.

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But 'trans women are women', not men. So how can a post about 'common physical characteristics of men' apply to them?

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And still he doesn't get it that absolutely noone thinks he is a woman even if the handmaidens all say they do.

but of course, it's perfectly fine and dandy for TIMS to talk about whether normal women they see on the streets "pass" or not to boost their ego.