What the actual fuck. Pretty sure slave owners knew exactly who to rape.

No one ever thought black women were not women. This is a ridiculous lie.

They may have been treated by racists as not conforming to (white) femininity standards. Those standards of femininity have historically been used to oppress the class of female people, women. Black women were perhaps held to these bullshit standards, but only because they are women (obviously).

Trans women are just men. The bullshit standards applied to women don’t apply to them at all, because they’re men. It’s not the same at all.

I have never seen black women as men ? he’s clearly projecting his thoughts onto others.

Omfg. They think this is a good correction??? Comparing black women to mentally ill, delusional men is even worse than comparing them to functional, normal men! assholes 😡 Women are women, not men. “Trans women” are men.

[–] BlackCirce enby jinping 11 points

“Less than ideal” is a universe away from “not.” Transwo men are not “less than ideal” women. It’s very hard for male-identified people to get this. A woman is not just any being a quorum of males finds attractive. A robot with boobs isn’t a woman. A man who had his penis turned inside out isn’t a woman. A pig wearing lipstick isn’t a woman. Woman isn’t defined by how horny the person / obj makes heterosexual(?) men, or how well it conforms to beauty standards.

Lol. Everyone knows that the men who say they are "transwomen" are, have always been, will only ever be - men. So, yeah. They are comparing black women to men. It is disgustingly racist.

[–] ArmedFemme 🪖🎖️ 4 points

Doesn't matter that it's an analogy, your analogy is shit.

Oh fuck off. TiMs are not seen as less than white women, they are seen as NOT women.

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