I would lose my shit if I saw Michelle Obama in the restroom. But in the good way.

Going from Michelle Obama as first lady of the US to her successor was like the ice bucket challenge, but with a bucket of stale piss

I'm so disgusted by this constant racist trope. Why isn't the NYT covering THIS?!

Yeah, terfs are well known for our tendency to kick Michelle Obama out of bathrooms

We drive her out with our fangirling and requests for selfies and autographs,

More than likely we’d all be getting our asses kicked out by Secret Service. “No ma’am, you cannot take a selfie with Michelle Obama in the public restroom. Please step away.” 🤣

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Wow, she’s he’s really doubling down in the comments. She’s used Michelle Obama’s photo at least three times in a similar vein to the pictured tweet.

(Didn’t check the profile, although I probably should have guessed it was a TIM making the comment).

I just looked at his profile and he’s super unhinged. Example: According to him, us terfs want to ban married couples from using contraception.

Well, points for novelty. That's one I don't have on the bingo card yet.

As a married person who uses contraception... umm, what?!? I've never heard that one before.

Last thing I heard, only religouis extremists are against married couples using contraception.

This has shit all to do with feminism?

Really can't tell the difference between self-proclaimed progressives and Trump fans these days.

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Agree. Most days, the only difference is who gets public praise for being a garbage human being.

The differences are pretty obvious.

It's a reference to the latter's claiming Michelle Obama is actually a "man".


Who does he think will believe this nonsense?

Michelle Obama doesn't even look remotely masculine. Not that it matters, but ... why is she the go-to example?

Absolutely zero women would take offense at her presence in women 's spaces. Not even a half-blind granny could mistake her for a man.

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I had a colleague who I got on well with at work - she friended me on FB and I thought nothing of it...until Obama ran and she started posting about Michelle being a TiM. I unfriended her immediately and begged my manager to get me a new project partner. Racist conservatives can be really sick humans. I'm not happy w/ the Dems right now, but then I'm reminded of people like her and I know which side is far worse...this was one of the several vile things the right shared on social media. Birtherism was just the tip of the iceberg.

A screenshot of a screenshot of a screenshot gets blurry and degraded.

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Sorry, I tried my best. I don't have any photo editing software on my phone. I took the screens myself, and the online collage maker I used made the pics blurry.

This is such a weak and utterly racist argument. I wish they'd get their asses chewed out for this, but as we know, T is a get away with all reprehensible behavior card.

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Who is the person in the pic posted by Lavery?

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People were commenting that it was an AI generated image. I know there is a site out there (https://this-person-does-not-exist.com/en) that creates images of fake people. It's really uncanny and you can sometimes tell that it's a fake.

Apparently “Lisa” is a antisemite according to this tweet: (https://imgur.com/a/bA4ediU)

I went to verify the tweet but apparently @tibby17’s account was suspended, and clearly “Lisa” was not.

Oh there is a lunatic strain that believes Michelle is a transwoman. And Barak a transman. And the kids are surrogate-born. in fact nearly all the famous people in the world are trans - they have youtube breakdowns showing how you can tell, or they did. Trump is a woman apparently, you can tell from his feminine features (!).

Trump’s feminine features?!? Now one heard everything. 🤣🤣🤣 Well, if they believe that, it's no wonder they think they make beautiful, sexy women.

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And Tibby got suspended???

When I searched her account it came up “Account Suspended”. The double standard is beyond ridiculous at this point.