This is what they do

They start with stating a false statement as if its fact.

Black women absolutely are biologically the same as other women, because they are women.

Why do they always have to drag Black women into this?? Black women are women because of XX chromosomes and a female reproductive system, which is something exclusively found in women. TIMs are not women because they don't have either of those.

I can't believe I have to explain this in 2022. Even the slave owners knew who to rape.

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If black women get to be women, why can’t men? Part 108764246788

There are biological differences. Black women have different pigments in their skin. But that just has nothing to do with being a woman or not, while having a penis has everything to do with not being a woman.

And that's not even science or anything. People knew that in the effing Middle Ages.

The idiocy, it hurts!

Huh, what parts do black women have/don't have in regard to other women? Funny I have a masters in bio and never learned there was a difference. /s

Well, the thing in their biology that makes them women is the same as in other women. The thing in their biology that makes skin color is different.