Actual radfems on the ukraine topic: "we have to protect women and children from the horrors of war, bring them into safe countries. The women who want to fight have our respect and full support. Men are making this humanitarian crisis into porn which is disgusting. This war is based on male egocentricsm and no nice speeches of putin about western feminism can change this" TRA trying to sound like radfems: "hurrdurr hormones and putin is smol, lets trans him"

plus: "Posted 2 days ago - unacceptable slur that would have been deleted in minutes"

"we radfems" - Strike 1

"tr00ns" - Strike 2

"Putin is a TIF because he's short" you guys really can't get over the stereotypes =/= sex thing, can you? Lmfao

1/10 try harder

[–] LoneReed 22 points Edited

"We radfems" really cracks me up. I'll admit, I don't identify as a radical feminist. I hesitate to use labels when I don't 100% agree with a certain position. (Similarly, I hate when people force others into identifying as Democrat or Republican with no option for Independent or Other/Neither). I'm guessing I'm not the only woman here who identifies as just plain "feminist." But because they lump us all together into one terf boogeyman, they think "we radfems" is flawlessly blending in.

And the "tr**n" thing is straight outta the TumblerinAction sub.

And the "tr**n" thing is straight outta the TumblerinAction sub.

It actually does have a real origin, and wasn't initially a slur. One of the oldest big websites on the internet is Something Awful, where users are called "goons", so the word originally meant "trans goon", as in a trans user of Something Awful, but then morphed into the term it is today.

lol i find it hilarious when they inadvertently reveal how much time they actually spend on ovarit, to the point that they study our talking points and language so much & obsess over us to the point of creating these fake posts. if y'all are reading this: i remember when i too used to ""hate read"" terf blogs obsessively. stop lying to yourself, admit that you agree with us and you can't stop reading, and allow yourself to peak. πŸ˜‰

Hate reading TERF blogs made me a TERF. πŸ˜‚

Same! Back when I was 16 and a she/them (ahh cringe) I messaged a RadFem blog on Tumblr. Nothing abusive as thats never been my thing but if I remember correctly I wanted to debate her. And she educated me, though I think I didn't answer after that.

I will forever be grateful though, so if you're here and recognize yourself, thank you so much and even though I never said it at the time, you really helped me open my eyesπŸ’œ

And they're not even good at it, I mean come on, they're absolutely unable to mimic women of all kinds. I wonder how awful it feels to be shit at everything you attempt to do.

No such thing as bad publicity! We spend so much time rent free in their heads, and now they're advertising for us!

Witch babes, does anyone have any period blood recipes for me? It's that time of month right now 🩸usually I prefer TIM blood to add that extra special spice to my food, but you know, I'm a DIY kinda gal. stirs cauldron redkatherinee style

[–] bellatrixbells BoobatrixRex 29 points


On the long run it will make you start balding and talking nonsense !!!

Wait... wait...!!! Are those... thigh-high socks I'm wearing? Noooo! Why didn't you warn me of the dangers of consuming TIM blood, witch babes???? screeches, grows stubble, starts hulking out in a GameStop, hates women

I just have my regular offering recipe: eye of newt, tears of men, toe of frog, three drops of moon blood, stir thrice widdershins. Good for hexes!

Omg witch babe flick me a message with a rec so I too can find some uses for my junk juice

I've never heard a radfem use that particular slur. I've heard men use that slur. But not a radfem. Doesn't mean there isn't one out there using it ... but eh.

More importantly, no one can use it on Ovarit. Using that slur (and many others) will get a comment or post deleted (which is one of the funniest parts to me of the post, knowing how strictly we enforce that site-wide).

I guess whoever was drawing up that little creative writing exercise didn't realize that. Maybe they should lurk more and pay attention to the things they're reading when doing so. Just a suggestion!

[–] crodish 38 points Edited

They definitely use it, it's just very strictly not allowed on here. More commonly seen on TiA or youtube, fruitfarms, etc

Not to mention anyone talking that insensitively and flippantly about Ukraine at this point of time would have been downvoted to hell. As usual, TRAs always find a way to make it all about them

Edit: also lol "the TRA are the cause of the invasion that benefits TIMs and also left TIMs in Ukraine stranded" please. Please actually try to use your brain

[–] ouvalemonde [OP] EmpressLadybrain 29 points

Yeah, I don't see "I'm just so tired of having to pretend to care about Ukraine when women in my own country are suffering an invasion of our own, that of the invasion on womanhood and women's spaces by the TIMs" going over well whatsoever here.

The difference is we are women who care about other women (otherwise we wouldn't be feminists), we don't have to pretend at things like empathy and compassion. TIMs do, and they think everyone is like them.


[–] crodish 25 points Edited

iNvASiOn. The women here have enough sense not to use that when there IS a literal, actual invasion going on.

This is LiTeRaL ViOLeNcE aNd gEnOCiDe all over again lol

I have seen it a couple of times on Ovarit, have reported it, and the comments were removed. It's not something that stays up for long when it happens

It’s banned on Ovarit but very common on other female-centric areas like gender critical image boards. Idk if those women identify as radfems, but I have seen what seem to be women using them all over the place. Thankfully not here.

[–] MenHaveItEasy Moid Respecter 8 points

I never see fake screenshots of other places like TIA and KF, where they're pretty unfiltered in words and disgust. They target Ovarit because it's the "safest" GC community that's mostly populated by women, to troll and delegitimize. They dont have to worry about slurs or shock images, and there's a lot of women who still have sympathy for them to take advantage of - rapey, women-hating, narcissists that they are.

While Im glad that Ovarit is..."PG", so discussions are on topic and thoughtful - which has the side effect of convincing hate readers - Im also glad that there are spaces of women who are brutally honest, keep receipts, and will tell these guys to fuck off.

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They are crap at trolling us because they live in exho chambers

They were never taught that the best way to argue your point, and have a well nuanced point yourself, is to understand the other side

It's apparent that they spend all day, every day navel-gazing about their special identity and the details of their hormone regimens, only stopping to hate-read the TIM pages on the farms.

They aren't capable of being original, creative, or funny. Their whole lives are devoted to mimicking women. Of course their trolling is going to be narcissistic projection.

Understanding us would mean them realising that we're right. They need us to be crazy transphobes.

I’m TIF Putin.

I'm TIF Putin's mastectomy scars.

[–] BlackCirce enby jinping 17 points


Now that you mention it ... yeah, his mastectomy scars must have run away and gotten an account on Ovarit, since they sure weren't there on that famous topless photo.

You should make it your flair. Maybe add 'lol' so even the transactivists can understand the sarcasm.

[–] platypus 17 points Edited

I'm guessing they realized how horrible it looked that there are so many trans people out there saying "but how does the Ukraine invasion affect tRaNs pEoPlE" that they decided to fabricate an Ovarit post making it appear like we're the ones being so disgustingly self-obsessed.

Joke's on them, the word "tr**n" is banned here. Any post with the word "tr**n" and 41 comments would have absolutely been deleted before that point.

How embarrassing.

[–] Chronicity 18 points Edited

β€œPutin is a TIF”. No way you could read this part and think a radfem wrote this.

And the first line gives β€œhello, my fellow kids” awkwardness.

[–] Ave_Lucifuge 14 points Edited

"The lack of real footage...:

Are they really trying to pass off Kremlin propoganda as radfem talking points? It's like they spent five minutes in r/conspiracy and said "aha, conspiracy is a right wing sub, and terfs are right wing! This will make perfect sense!"

Idiots. We see you.

P.S. I'm a progressive that hates faux news and I still think you're misogynistic fetishists. Cope.

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