White is also an adjective. I've now decided to identify as a white woman of colour. Now I won't be a target for racism anymore.

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I now identify as straight.

Suddenly lamphreys attached to something smelly and hairy is attractive to me

It's just an adjective. So there are feline dogs, microscopic giants, and yellowish blues.

Its the fact they really see black women as the go to comparison as to why a male can become a women, and then DENY even being male. It doesn't even function in its own logic. Fuck these racist scum.

They use black women as their shield which is hilarious because black women are the first women who are completely over this shit. Notice how they never use this disgraceful, racist bottom of the barrel comparison with actual black people, much less black women because we can not only see through their heap of bullshit but we can actively call it out.

They keep doing this. Constantly. The number of posts here flaired with "TransRacists" and "Transmisogynoir" is so high, one would assume they're mostly duplicates, but they are not.

“How do transwomen differ from other males?”

They don’t, simple son, they don’t.

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Well, most males don't have sexual fantasies of having sex with themselves as women, so there is that.

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They’re always spewing some racist shit. They compare black women to men, sex segregated bathrooms to racially segregated bathrooms, ‘if TIM’s are banned from women’s sports for having an athletic advantage, black people should be banned from sports as well,’ TIM’s ‘were at the forefront of the civil rights movement,’ and the list goes on.

Too many TIMs talk like they traded in their hoods and robes for shitty synthetic wigs and spinny skirts.

Too many TIMs talk like they traded in their hoods and robes for shitty synthetic wigs and spinny skirts.

Because the vast majority of them are bog-standard middle-class white males -- they haven't changed a thing about themselves or their obscenely privileged and racist/sexist mindsets. Maybe they can't. Maybe they're simply too narcissistically self-absorbed and solipsistic to ever consider that anyone other than themselves even exists.

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I'm sorry, was there ever any sort of debate about black women being female ?

Pretty sure if there had been any sort of confusion, they would not have been used like lab rats to increase knowledge of gynaecology.

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Let’s preserve English. Spaces matter. No such thing as a trans woman, only transwoman.

They're really desperate to pretend that 'trans' as an adjective doesn't mean 'male'.

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