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Two male nobodies arguing about an accomplished woman who has never heard of either of them

Exactly! They always know exactly which type of women they have in mind when they want to insult, belittle, or threaten them. Hint: it's never transwomen

Interesting how hypersensitive TRAs are about highlighting Tims in all things woman...except in their own heads. Almost as if the entire purpose of trans activism is to police women's speech, while providing brocialists and bepenised "feminists" the woke vocabulary they need to unleash their MRA and be blatant with their misogyny, as payback for feminism.

When a TiP is speaking, the only time "women" actually means "women" is when they are being misogynist and/or trying to control women. But the really fascinating thing is how they don't seem to notice.

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Trans activism is a back lash against the progression of women’s and LGB rights.

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LOriginedumonde's comment said "black lash" [sic] before being edited. Hence my original query: "Backlash?"

Back lash, retaliation, reprisal, etc. It serves to undermine the strides of the women’s rights and LGB movements and has successfully deemed the most privileged white men the most oppressed class to ever exist. It’s also a modern day eugenics movement that aims to medicalize and sterilize autistic, gay, and GNC youth.

They both work, tbh. I feel like I've been mentally beaten with a pomo cat o' nine tails.

Does Katy Montgomery do anything apart from be a raging misogynist on Twitter all day? You can tell there is just something about women that makes him so angry, it's really unerving.

ErinintheMorn is also just a nutter.

"Erin" legitimately scares me because he has children and he has openly spoken about the fact that his whole trans identity comes from his desire to skinwalk as a girl he knew as a child. He literally stole her name. He's a creep.

Yep, I don't know that he's violent, but he's completely off his rocker. His Kiwifarms thread is a treat.

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Is he unemployed? You’re right, seems to be what he DOES. Maybe he’s getting paid by some trans lobby to sit and tweet shite and see how many women he can try to bully. 🤣

Not to be a dick--I'm liberal af--but dollars to donuts Colin's probably on disability. Seems like he could pass (ha) for not being able to work.

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Does Katy Montgomery do anything apart from be a raging misogynist on Twitter all day?

It depends- does jerking off between tweets count as something?

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