Woman: has opinions that make pp sad

Gendies: wow what a fucking nazi, *20 tweet chain detailing threats of violence and rape*

Tim: I'm a nazi. no u don't understand, a literal nazi

Gendies: teehee you've come so far!

lmao it just kills me how proudly he posts this bullshit and how the other gendercocks all go awwuuuughaaa owo ΓΊwΓΉ you should be so pwoud of youwself <3 <3 youre so cute and adowwable headpats for the lil catgirl :3

"gendercocks" omg, i love it.

ikr? First with "cum-drizzling" earlier today, now this. u/butchplease you are too funny, I love seeing all the clever terminology you've coined around the site, please never stop <3

"You're so adorable" πŸ˜΅β€πŸ’«

It's so cute and valid and girly how he used to love the Holocaust πŸ’œ

Lmao meanwhile women like JK Rowling were called nazi because some people saw jews in elfs.

No shame. Validation more important that literally ANYTHING, incredible

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The famous "from disgusting degenerate to disgusting degenerate" pipeline!

It makes sense if you understand who nazi type groups try to recruit in the first place. It's the same "fan base".