This "if black women" racist thing was what made me reach total peak. I was like, wait, are these assholes blatantly and proudly using this racist trope as a gotcha? They suck at this, and they're racist.

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Regardless of how you feel about black people or any other race or group of people, you can still tell who are the males and who are the females.

You think the Britoid slave master didn't know who were the women among the enslaved people he held captive? Contrary to all this bullshit about how sex and gender are complicated, everyone knows what a woman is and always has.

Yeah right, I was just about to say, but black women even during slave days experiences very obvious, purposeful, female sexual violence and discrimination. Huh???

Look at all the men in there doing their hardest to destroy female class-consciousness and undermine the female struggle. Men do this all the time. All men. Always for their own gain.

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This woman had the best clap back.

If you wanna define your womanhood based on what white people say do it, just leave the rest of us alone

" If Natal Biological Men (the complete opposite of women) can't be women, then no one can!"

They're really trying to rally Black people to their cause, lol.

TRAs: You're next Black women. If you don't help us pummel women in sports, open the door for more predators in your spaces, groom more kids, and parade around more violent murderers and sex offenders as stunning and brave, they'll come for you too!

Black People Generally: Shut up and stop comparing us. I'm not mentally ill.

I dont think there were many black male slaves raped and used to make more slaves....

What’s ironic is that the government is trying to define womanhood and it’s doing it in a way that will exclude any woman who doesn’t subscribe to a woman gender identity. That’s a shitload of women alienated from their own demographic, including black women.

So telling that when they hear "man" they immediately think of black women


I seem to remember that an awful lot of white men managed to figure out which enslaved people were women and which weren't during the pre-Civil War era ...

Again, we see that TRAs have never once cracked open a history book or even been within sneezing distance of one.

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