I fucking hate the word comfy now. Dealing with uncomfortable situations and building resilience are important life skills. Bad things happen in life. That’s just inevitable. The whole “comfy” thing is creating emotionally stunted humans who will in no way be prepared to deal with, say, the death of a loved one. They’re so fucking fragile.

My parents sheltered me. It took years of therapy for me to be able navigate adulthood because I wasn’t taught how to be resilient. My parents were so concerned with my comfort that, for years, I shut down during uncomfortable situations. This is exact same thing with the emphasis on comfy. It’s not a kindness to coddle, especially at the expense of others.

I'm in higher education. It's so, so, so bad with students. They can't function on their own.

I didn't even notice these types using it. I only know "comfy" as in physical comfort, eg. settling in on a nice comfy couch with a hot cup of tea. They're not taking it away from me!

I said in my head after reading the tweet “I fucking hate the word comfy”

I can't trust medical professionals who drink the kool-aid. Gender ideology is completely anti-science.

came here to say this: would instantly walk away from a doctor who called their patients "cis." fuck that.

Doctors ignore and belittle women enough as is. I'm not being told that I choose my own oppression by one on top of that my pain is in my head. Screw that.

Good. It’s completely UNPROFESSIONAL to spam your fucking religion in the workplace.

There’s a very obviously female librarian at my local branch who proudly bears a she/her pronoun badge.

I’ve started making and sustaining eye contact while checking out Andrea Dworkin.

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I'm laughing at the mental image of you repeatedly checking in/out the exact same book every time

At my local library, one of the new librarians (she's 30ish) wears a Queer badge and they/them on suspenders. I wanted so badly to bring in a suffragette pin and suggest she add it to her flair.

There's an ice cream shop in my area that has employees wear pronoun pins, and I've decided to stop going there because of it (I already cut out another place for proving that their crustpunk politics weren't just an act), I guess it's good for my waistline. I've also been avoiding places that have that abomination of a pride flag up (the one that has the T imposing on the LGB).

I've had it in general with political virtue signaling where it doesn't belong. What's funny is that the businesses that don't signal any politics likely have a high probability of being owned by conservatives, so this suffocating imposition of politics everywhere is basically driving me into the arms of the woke's Enemy #1.

You should let the ice cream shop know. If they realize they're losing business by indulging in these performances of wokeness, they may stop. If they don't see that they're driving customers away, then they never will.

Oh geez, I had a doctor's appointment with a specialist not long ago, and she had pronoun pins and rainbows and things like that attached to her jacket.

At some point during the appointment, we started discussing some issues I was having and she put down her pen and said, "We women really go through it with our bodies, don't we?"

blank stare

To be forcefully re-labeled as 'cis' is fuckin enraging. And then to be told that feeling enraged at this erasure of the old sex-based term for women is bigotry is even more enraging. Yet we are told that it is nasty of us not to accept the new labeling as it is no different from being called heterosexual so that homosexual people could get rights based on their sexual orientation.

The two are widely different, because I, for instance, am heterosexual, so calling myself that changes nothing and benefits someone else. But when I am forced to accept being called 'cis', my embodied identity as a woman is erased and replaced with some weird abstract feelings, perhaps about pink and high heels and makeup as the basis of my womanhood.

I truly detest how the clashing rights are just waved away and the vast, vast majority told to shut up about their rights being removed.

I always say, "Women are not a subset of their own sex class."

I miss the days when doctors were supposed to meet patients where they are with complete non-judgement.

I can’t find it now, but I read a story about a Jewish doctor who saw a patient for many years with a swastika tattoo. The doctor ignored it. On the patient’s last visit, it was clear he had been trying to rub off the tattoo and was in tears. He apologized to the doctor.

That’s how you combat bigotry.

If I found out that my doctor was identifying me as something as ill-conceived as "cisgender" I'd do more than laugh at her -- I'd fire her and find another doctor.

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It's not safe to depend on a doctor who operates on magical thinking.

"berated" probably means mentioned it in a way that shows they aren't on board with pronouns.

Berating people is just going to enhance their feeling that they are special freedom fighters tbh.

True, but we don't know how these people actually interacted. They could have been very polite, like JKR's essay, and yet made out to be devil.

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