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A rape kit would obviously show the victim was raped by a man. If the rape victim is able to provide a description of the rapist, they'll of course also mention that they were raped by a male, because they were. No one would think semen left behind at the crime scene came from a "female."

I would argue that forcing everyone to pretend that men are women is also an impediment to stopping rapists and other criminals. Imagine police asking a TRA if they saw any men leaving a crime scene at a certain time. Would they be so intent on pretending they didn't recognize the obvious male because he had a wig on that they wouldn't mention him, knowing that he could be a potential rape suspect?

This is what happened with the NHS recently; a woman was raped on a single sex ward in hospital, and the nhs staff spent a year denying to police that the attack had happened as it "wasnt possible as no males were in the hospital at that time".

So yes, TRAs will absolutely aid and abett male rapists before standing in solidarity with female victims. And that poor woman was offered no victim support and was put down as a false report for a whole year.
It make me actually sick.

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WHAT?????????? Everyone involved needs to be locked up. For covering up the rape and helping the rapist obstruct justice, and also for being accomplices in the rape itself by putting a man in a women's ward.

They didnt admit the truth until confronted with the CCTV, which also showed that NHS staff and others on the ward witnessed the end of the attack.
But the denial had come from the top of that NHS trust, and so staff who did want to whistleblow were likely silenced.
Just thinking about the fact that these demons are so cocksure about not being punished that they'll do this in view of CCTV cams and onlookers.. women shouldnt have to fear this when visiting hospital, and female inmates should not be expected to share spaces with this dog.

Well of course no one would think the semen would come from a female. The problem comes when you have to go through the database and instead of narrowing it down to only males, you now need to search through "female" as well, because those males may or may not have already had their legal sex updated to read "female". It's just extra work and a waste of time for everyone involved.

I'm not super clear on which countries have completely allowed for this, or if it IS actually a thing atm, but imagine the scenario where a law says yep, don't bother keeping the change history on records, just update it to whatever and that's that.

Can't wait for this plot line to be featured on Law & Order: SVU <_<

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Chris-chan was legally a female in my state and as such got put in a women's jail at first after alleged incest (likely rape) with his 80-year-old mom 🙃. Luckily the judge was not a TRA and swiftly removed him.

This one is pro-GC but it didn't feel right to put it in o/Radfemmery or o/ItsAFetish.


Let's say a r@pe is committed by a tr@ns and they leave DNA evidence. DNA shows perpetrator was male. Police search DMV records for all nearby men and the rapist is overlooked because they changed their sex in gov records. Cool trick, perverts.

I know there are similar issues already with missing persons and they couldn't find who they were looking for because they believed they were looking for a woman when the person was a man, or TIFs registering themselves at hospitals as male and getting female-specific medical conditions overlooked, etc. So many consequences that get overlooked because of gender feels...

Something similar recently happened when a woman was raped in a hospital in the UK. She was dismissed because it was a women's ward and "there were no men present to rape her."

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Another case but similar - I read that hospital staff have been told to lie to their patients that there were no males, even when there were. Saw a woman come out on twitter about it saying she wanted to retract an apology she made before about causing a fuss about it now that she knows it was a lie.

This won't be an issue with U.S. law enforcement agencies.

In fact, as filthy as it feels to type this, the necessary updates to LE and criminal court systems were a positive side effect of the vile men-in-Women's-prisons movement. To accommodate possible self-ID changes, devs in any jurisdiction considering inmate self-ID had to remove strict sex-based demarcations in the criminal and inmate records systems, effectively throwing all the records into one big pool together.

Moreover—Neither DNA, nor digital fingerprint records or dental records, have ever been separated into sex-based pools. That's never been a possibility, because the forensic uses of those data have alws included identifying human remains, and the sex of a severely decomposed body isn't alws easy to discern.

You can still get DNA matches, but I think OP’s point is that finding someone whose DNA isn’t on file is tougher if the perpetrator is legally, officially female, say on a drivers license which might be the only official record.

I get u, but, this all relies on the premise that law enforcement won't be privy to the 'gender'-swapping that's been legalized in their own jurisdiction—like, that's all the perp would have to do in order to shake LE off his trail.
That might happen in a Keystone Kops slapstick, but it won't happen in real life.

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I hate TIMs even more than I hate moids.

Oh, yeah, they're moids.

What's a moid?

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It's based on the slur men made for women, which was "femoid".

“Femoid” is defined on /r/Braincels as a “derogatory dehumanising term for women” that is used “to imply they aren't truly human.”



Femoid is a derogatory term used in the incel community to refer to a woman. "Femoid" comes from the contraction of the word "female" and "android" (robot), to emphasize the allegedly icy nature of women.[1] Another version of the expression is "foid", a contraction of "femoid".