Isn't it marginalizing that the biotrans girls have to call themselves "biotrans"?? Their next move should be rebranding themselves as "trans" and rebranding trans as "cistrans."

Cistrans just don't get our struggle.

[–] bellatrixbells BoobatrixRex 46 points

It's like when you're playing a game with a child and they start making up these "rules" that are basically cheating and when you try to do the same they go "no, only I get to do this!!"

[–] La_Terfa Moid Tamer 44 points

I love how there's a TON of bio-trans accounts popping up. A while ago, in the MtF subreddit, some naive dude even asked "what is this new identity I am encountering? Like, women saying they are bio trans girls, and cis but also trans??"

It's genuinely fun trolling.

If your gender is trans, then it's trans.


I mean I've heard people making up 'xenogenders' and say that their 'gender' is light or sky or cat or whatever. I don't see how 'my gender is trans' is any less legitimate.

You are an XY male. You CANNOT be a trans man.

Jesus the transphobia in this tweet /s

They admit that biological reality applies, but only when they personally want it to. It's almost as if this trans stuff is a fashion statement, and they want to be the cool kids that everybody else admires.

If trans women are female, than females can be trans women! If TW=W, then W=TW! Basic logic


I want this biotrans thing to take off even more. Let's peak some people!

The bio trans group are my favorite tweeters, they fuckin crack me up.

Honestly I think identifying as biotrans is the way to go at this point. We should all do it. We should all make social media profiles to celebrate our biotransness.

[–] IrishTheFrenchie [OP] non-cis logic 16 points

What's funny is last year my (now 16yo) daughter said that if they're going to give female spots to males, she was going to put on college applications that she's transgender and female. That no one can tell her that she isn't, because if she wants to identify as a transgender woman they can't stop her and that it's rude of them to ask for proof.


And get all the sweet trans perks that businesses are giving out, wardrobe cash! (And that UBI in Cali!)

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