"I'm a man, but you're an evil transphobic bigot if you call me a man!"

Nothing peaks quite as well as doing exactly what they always tell you to do and listening to transwomen.

Is this parody?

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I don't think so. Despite his performative femininity, he just couldn't resist the urge to physically intimidate/threaten a woman.

Our best weapon in this war is their utter lack of self awareness.

Image Transcription: Twitter

Absolutely Not Betty, @SomeBettyUKnow

You call me cis, I'm gonna call you a transvestite

MayoMonkey, @mayomonkeez

You call me a transvestite like that and you're gonna find out real fast I'm still just as much a man as I ever was you little punk!

Men gonna men.

Why are we supposed to pretend that these LARPing pervs are women, again?

'specially when they say "just as much of a man as I ever was"...!

If mainstream media would simply let them speak for themselves, and in fact give them a platform to reach millions of people, none of this would be happening.

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