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Wrong. A “willful woman” is a woman, an adult human female, who demands to be treated as all three, to be recognized as an adult and a human while female, who demands to be recognized as a full political subject, a full citizen who inherits the privileges and duties of a citizen, the possessor and creator of her works in art and science and philosophy whatever their intent or quality, a full authority over her children and household. That is what a willful woman is. A man who ejaculates wildly at the touch of silken drawers is simply a pervert.

I googled Sara Ahmed fully expecting her to be a TIM because wtf, but no, this is a handmaiden 🤦‍♀️

A man who ejaculates wildly at the touch of silken drawers is simply a pervert.

lmfao. reminded me of this: “The first time I put on the black silk panties I got a hardon right away.” - Julian Beck

"Transvestism is costuming which violates gender imperatives. Transvestism is generally a sexually charged act: the visible, public violation of sex role is erotic, exciting, dangerous. It is a kind of erotic civil disobedience, and that is precisely its value. Costuming is part of the strategy and process of role destruction. We see, for instance, that as women reject the female role, they adopt “male” clothing. As sex roles dissolve, the particular erotic content of transvestism dissolves." - Dworkin

Reason number #789270842 these full-time fetishistic parodies have a vested interest maintaining women's oppression and subjugation, in upholding patriarchy and sex roles and hindering women's liberation. The eroticism goes away if our inferiority established by the oppressive 'gender' hierarchy is abolished. And ofc what's important is not women's liberation but ensuring paraphilic men have permanent hard ons. christ

I'm so fucking over the dilution of the word "violence." It's so obvious that these people have never experienced actual violence in their lives, because if they had they wouldn't use the word so flippantly. It's so disrespectful to anyone that has ever survived or is currently surviving violence.

Total missing of the point. Women don't have to use their will to insist that they are women. Women have to use their will to insist on their access to human rights.

Translation: It is the responsibility of natal women to defend and care for those transgender women who for some reason unclear to me find that getting misgendered feels to them like a kick in the stomach or a fist in the face, i.e., like violence. So we all must become handmaidens, even if this service requires us to be erased as is the case today. Women are the support animals.

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Wilfully stupid. Wilfully perverse. Wilfully ignorant. But not anything to do with women.

HUH? How are they insisting "again and again"? By wearing dresses? I am a woman regardless of how I dress or what I do! My goodness, this is a sick joke!

If by "willful" they mean doing all sorts of anti-social, threatening and violent behavior to get their way, then sure, TIMS sure are a "willful" lot !

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