I enjoy daydreaming that JKR, Alison Bailey & Maya Forstater teamed up and launched an ice cream brand. They donate some of the proceeds to women’s orgs and legal defense funds. Brand name: Ice Cream Crones.

Why does ice cream need to be political. It's frozen milk and sugar ffs

Right? Oreos tweeted “Trans people exist” which reminds me of this. Why the fuck do brands need to be politicized... it’s also a stupid marketing move, since it alienates a huge segment of their customer base (not just trans but with other issues).

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It's cool. I am too angry about all this shit and never will buy anything again from any company that supported this shit.

It's turning out to be great for my health. Fresh produce and water here i come.

Just get an ice cream maker. When my husband bought the ice cream attachment for our mixer, I sighed and rolled my eyes. But now? Haven't looked back.

Also, if I want lemon with chocolate chips and strawberries? THAT IS WHAT I SHALL HAVE.

The idea that I'm sticking it in the eye of companies like Ben & Jerry's? CHERRY ON TOP

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Oreo's tweet was absolutely HILARIOUS though, it was the most half-assed, limp and joyless virtue signaling ever. Even for a company, it was shockingly soulless, dead and devoid of any care.

I remember the transes were pissed off about that, so it was in fact pretty good.

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they are ALWAYS political (speaking about their politics in the North East. And that newspaper has been running protrans stuff all damn month. Lie after lie of a story (trans-identified girl saying 'bodies are bodies' - (so womens sports should be open to bio men)

about to throw my computer!

Really easy to boycott. Expensive as fuck and too much sugar

Yea, I haven't gotten Ben and Jerry's in months but that company always rubbed me the wrong way. I will not buy it knowing they are TRAs.

It's just so fucking dense dude. Their mix-ins are good but the actual ice cream texture sucks ass. No overrun, no creaminess.

Ice cream is insanely easy to make and home made beats the pants off store bought every day of the week

Oof, please share any tips/favorite recipes in the food channel?

Biggest tip is just, "get an ice cream maker". It can be done without, but with a maker, it's just dump and go.

Yeah, I’ve never liked their ice cream. It’s so unnecessarily rich.

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No, they’re not. Nobody is trans, there’s no such thing. These “rights” are rapists’ privileges.

Also make up your alleged minds, do words have meanings or not?

So many people will have to walk these bad takes back when sanity prevails. It's crazy how many people who are dead wrong on literally every other issue (like Tucker Carlson) will be dead on the money here, and people who have a stellar track record are pushing pedophilia and the destruction of women's rights.

Its so weird agreeing with Tucker Carlon of all people!!

I know, right! I actually watched him on youtube talking about the Libs of TikTok doxxing and half of my brain was melting, just in shock that I was watching him. What has the world come to?

He's a weird one that's for sure. I hear he often has to "take vacations" because the network doesn't like what he says lol.

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Another company pandering for woke points. Vote with your wallets!



Image Transcription: Twitter

Ben & Jerry's, @ benandjerrys

Words have meaning, and the politicians pushing anti-trans legislation, and dehumanizing trans people must be held accountable for the real world impact their words have on trans people and those who love them.


Trans rights are human rights.

This is in relation to the story of the TIM "Fern Feather" that was murdered because he allegedly made sexual advances on his killer and then became violent, prompting self defense. ripx4nutmeg made a brilliant reply on the thread:

It says in the article that the alleged killer had been spending time with Feather, and claims he was defending himself after Feather made a sexual advance and then became violent. How is that 'targeting' someone for being 'herself'?

Previous Ovarit discussion on the case here: https://ovarit.com/o/GenderCritical/79996/watching-trans-murder-rates-inflate-in-real-time

fragile Fern had a beard. There was NO mistaking who he is/was. It's not like he didn't pass a little. He didn't pass at all. He'd claimed to be a woman for a month

Ben and Jerry's is the most greenwashed company I can think of. This doesn't surprise me.

They made all kinds of commitments towards improving the conditions and wages of the migrant farm laborers who milk the cows for their products figure of speech, are putting in 80 hours a week or more on those farms, and then backed out quietly after receiving lots of positive press. ¡Leche con dignidad!

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Dick trans pandering will earn you a boycott from me. Apparently women's rights counts for nothing for these people.

Vermont, a gorgeous state, so so sadly is being ruined by the "genderthugs". The "tolerant progressives" have voted in every piece of shite the cult wants, and their wants never stop. Vermonters have always prided themselves on their "live and let live" tolerance. The "trans" cult grabbed at that and distorted it into groveling support of all things "trans." And not a peep out of Bernie Sanders, either. Just following along with the Democrats. If any national politician could speak out, as a so called Independent, it could be him. But not so.

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