Kind reminder that post-op passable trans women also still face discrimination / prejudice when dating.

The story of my life.

Post-op, passing with flying colors. Semi stealth although I could have gone full stealth if I desired. Am hit on by straight cis men regularly. They are all over me, think I'm intelligent and cute and all that jazz... Then I tell them I'm post-op MtF and you get an answer like : "sorry, I had no idea. In that case, you're really brave and everything but we can only be friends because I'm not into that."

It seems that for some men, no matter how well a trans woman passes and is exactly the same as a cis woman, just the knowledge of being post-op MtF makes you undesirable.

I would instantly do everything all over again and love that I get to be myself but I want to make it clear that it's not a walk in the park for post-op passable trans women either. The stigma is not fully gone. Just having that knowledge about you can change someone from being all over you to friendzoning you without any objective reason.

There is still so much prejudice going on in society against trans women.

It's sad that most early transitioners think that passable post-op trans women's problems disappear like melting snow. They don't. Unless you don't tell them about your past. I'm in the UK and a hateful act puts me under obligation of disclosing my reassignment here. Just needed to vent.

It hurts when you get rejected for a biological condition that is not even noticeable anymore (my chromosomes are not visible), when that person was all over you prior to getting that info.

It's 2022 and being trans still gets you subtly outcasted.

Sometimes I'm thinking about stopping to tell people. Just moving away, not disclosing anymore and going deep stealth. Until being trans is just accepted as another medical condition in society. Imagine a breast cancer survivor being rejected based on a breast cancer that has been treated and has healed decades ago.

Everyone would agree that would be insane. Trans women on the other hand are expendable it seems.

Oh well.

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"Just having that knowledge about you can change someone from being all over you to friendzoning you without any objective reason."

why are all TIMs such fucking rapists? this is incel rapist rhetoric. fucking sickos.

edit to add: not getting fucked means TIMs are "expendable"?

not at all like how the sudden real women are expendable in our own rape shelters, prisons, sports, etc. our feelings of being safe and cared for are disregarded so TIMs can "feel safe and valid and included".

they act like not getting fucked is gunna kill them. jesus I hate these moids.

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I honestly don’t care what anyone they rape or try to rape does to them.