Pretty much. Not hate, but familiar enough with men to know that they are the ones who commit most violence and sexual violence, that they watch porn and hire prostitutes, seeing women as objects to be used, that they fetishize womanhood, that so many men are perverted and disgusting that we just don't believe they have good intentions.

[–] BlackCirce [OP] enby jinping 52 points

And everyone else agrees. No man NAMALT’s his daughter, or wife, or any other woman he has enough invested in to care about. The same applies to non feminist women. What they expect me to say, they don’t say to their daughters. They warn their daughters that men aren’t always gentlemen, and that gentlemen don’t always stay that way. They buy their daughters pepper spray, and personal alarms, and whistles, and guns. They restrict what they are allowed to wear at school and while socializing. They teach them all kinds of “safety tips” like varying their routes home and to not get distracted by their own thoughts when walking.

When a man rapes a woman, people say of the woman “what did she expect?” She expected for him to “not be like that.” If a man is “like that” the woman should have figured it out before he struck, but somehow without also being paranoid and misandrist.

But as soon as women imbue “what everyone knows” about men with political meaning, asking if the people no one trusts around their daughters / wives should have so much power over them, it becomes a problem.

According to experience growing up in a conservative Asian country, men absolutely do NAMALT their daughters. They are willing to believe their daughters and assume the worst of other men but pin the blame back on women who didn’t take enough precautions to avoid abuse while defending the abusers. My dad is like this. I have a creepy uncle who isn’t even his biological relative and he believes what I tell him about the man’s pedophilic tendencies but still forces me to keep the peace in extended family gatherings.

Excellent comment! I know quite a few blokes who are exactly like that! They always tell the women they care about like their family members to be careful around males but at the same time they also call Feminists that tell women the same thing that they are being " misandric " !

I get the impression that looots of blokes know how nasty male nature tends to be as a whole but at the same time this realization makes them uncomfortable so they don't like when attention is called to it... It would be nice if there was a term to call out this kind of behavior from them...

[–] BlackCirce [OP] enby jinping 9 points

It’s called cognitive dissonance and everyone is swimming in it when it comes to male violence.

Men are so sexually aggressive / violent and antisocial, with such regularity, that women and girls’ lives must be structured around avoiding encountering it. Yet we are also to believe that men are who women and girls are safest with and that men’s authority is benevolent and protective of women. Men are fundamentally incapable of controlling their sexual impulses but they are still to be regarded as moral authorities by women, who must control ourselves on pain of death.

The cognitive dissonance is resolved by blaming women for men’s violence / depravity and blaming women for talking about it. That way everyone is absolved of responsibility for doing anything.

It would be nice if there was a term to call out this kind of behavior from them...

I’m pretty sure cognitive dissonance fits the bill but we do need a word that conveys this specific type of cognitive dissonance.

[–] emissch 19 points Edited

Exactly...they also view women saying no to them as "hate" so yeah, I guess I do hate men!

Interesting how MRAs are paying attention to how women react to TIMs. Almost like they are coming at it from the same perspective. Almost like they are the fucking same-ass thing. the TRA/MRA/Incel alliance is real ASF.

Ah, when men have the revelation of literally the thing women have been saying for ages.

Us: shouts for years trans women are men

Them: You know, I think they secretly think trans women are men.

Can’t speak for anyone else but I’ve met just as many insufferable female “nonbinary” people as I’ve met TIMs so I can’t say this applies to me personally. I see more predatory TIMs in online spaces but irl I’ve consistently been bullied, harassed, objectified, and condescended way more by genderspecial TIFs who seemingly feel intimidated by me being way more gnc than them and still being self aware that I’m a woman. And this has been an occurrence since way before I even entertained gender critical ideas.

They’re not men but a lot of them they LARP hard enough that they might as well be. And I know some people here are more mature than me and will say they hate the ideology and not the person but nah, that’s not me. I hate every creepy predatory TIM and every condescending misogynistic TIF/NB I’ve ever met. I don’t care about their chromosomes or what they have in their pants, if they’re part of the trans movement and treat women like shit they can just go fuck themseves regardless of whether they’re women or not

I know the original is probably accurate for most radfems so sorry for the unhinged rant. I haven’t been on Ovarit in a while and I needed to have a good seethe

[–] hmimperialtortie 🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈 3 points

You speak for me! I despise the TIFs and enbies, they’re all misogynists. I loathe the TIMs.

[–] bellatrixbells BoobatrixRex 34 points

"They hate them because they think they're just men pretending to be women"

Well... Yeah, since that's what they are. The pretense is just one extra layer of offense.

And it's not hate. We are just stating the truth. If you find the truth to be hateful, well, that's a personal problem.

[–] boogerita 14 points Edited

Rule #9: men always know the “real reasons” for everything women do and say

Rule #12: women’s ability to recognize male behavior patterns is misandry

The women trying to pretend they are "men" can be obnoxious with lots of internalized mysogyny. But they are mostly just pathetic in trying to escape all the mysogyny heaped on women and we can feel sorry for them.

In sharp contrast, the men trying to pretend they are "women" are all sexual predators to some degree or other. They are viciously mysogynist. There is no way to not hate what they have done, and continue to do, to women and any womens' community they infest. And they do it all and get away with it because they are men.

So, yeah. The truly negative things we feel toward "trans" people we feel towards men.

[–] crodish 15 points Edited

We don't think. They ARE male.

Why are all of these transwomen so terrified and in denial of taking a DNA test if they really believe they're women?

You have scores of idiot TIMs and TIFs on r/23andme constantly wishing they DO have some secret congenital conditions of sexual development to validate their personal feelings to explain why they are trans. And young girls who WISH they had breast cancer solely to have the excuse to cut off their breasts for a "legitimate" reason. Do they not see how fucked up that is?

[–] hontrapoints 🤢🤮 15 points

Why can't I hate both TIPs and men? It's the best of both worlds~

[–] [Deleted] Lvl5 Laser Lotus 9 points

Pretty accurate I guess. Though I’d have to see what they elaborate on to know if they actually understand or not. I have complicated feelings on men but I don’t want them in the women’s bathroom not because I “hate” them and am trying to deny them something fun lol but because they are men and are dangerous to vulnerable women.

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