That self righteous little "oh pleaaase be kind and dont point out she's an absolute villain, and me a poor widdle victim 🥺" lets me know two things:

  1. He wants her to get an absolute grilling.

  2. He wants to show her the comments and play it off like he didnt want this to happen.

He's seriously deluded if he thinks this will help his situation.
Also I love the "I dont even know for certain I am trans" when she says they need to break up.
Just when he thought he'd succeeded in pushing his fetish onto her, she laid down the facts and he thought he could trick her into staying by pretending there was still a chance he wasnt a deranged AGP creep.
Her fast turnaround is interesting to me too. Wonder if he did some weird shit that gave the game away and made her realise it's a fetish.

100% agreed, she had to listen to him talk about his lady feelings for an entire fucking day after she had to do his damn eyebrows and was like nah I'm good. Tells us all we need to know.

AGPs breed terfs lol and they absolutely do not have the self awareness to realize it. Their constant self-insertion into female spaces literally drives women away from them. The more they get what they want, the more people around them realize why they never should have been given what they want in the first place.

When I stood up to my TIM relative he accused me of getting in with the wrong crowd lmao. My poor little ladybrain couldn't be coming up with boundaries or ideas on it's own, of course. No awareness whatsoever that his actions were the sole thing that informed my opinion.

Holy shit, I identify as your post. There was a moment at a dinner where a TiM relative and my partner spoke over their mother, their aunt, and myself to correct the TiM’s pronouns. I was truly peaked. We were talking about the past. It was family history chat. All the women speaking, it made me sick how eager the TiM was to edge in, with some kind of exhaustion, to remind us silly women to watch our tongues.