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It's the same reason they want KF to go away. They dont want everyone to see receipts and explanations of their fetishistic behavior. Especially behavior involving children.

they said a woman who's breastfeeding her child should have CPS called on her. And death threats. Yeah, those totally happened. Boo hoo

That is a TIM - a MAN - who posted photos of himself (to other sick TIMs) sexually abusing his newborn daughter, and admitted he felt aroused doing it. I reported him to the authorities, and I hope to god that sick fuck and his enablers are arrested for child abuse. And I hope the all too many pedophilic TIMs who inevitably jerked off to those pictures, are struck by lightning.

Nobody believes TWAW, not even you incel stalkers. That's why you panic whenever your pedophilia gets exposed to everyone outside your safespace.