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Gunda was... something else, in a good way. I caught it back in January when Neon had it for rent and I don’t remember the last time I cried so hard.

With Dominion or Earthlings, it’s just (“just”) objective cruelty. You see the animals pain and fear and although you know they’re individuals, you don’t know them as individuals. Gunda was so personal, you feel all the same emotions but from an entirely different perspective.

I looked up the ending before I watched to know whether there would be any physical cruelty (there isn’t, aside from one of the mother pigs killing her weakest piglet ) but honestly, I don’t think it mattered. Without spoiling it, the ending is just as gut wrenching and made me feel the same helplessness. It was like I was watching a documentary about my own animal family/pets in distress and not being able to stop it.

Despite that though, it’s absolutely worth the watch imo. I think it’ll have as much of an emotional impact as Dominion and Earthlings. I wish they could make a sanctuary version, it would be beautiful to see the same kind of silent documentary but knowing they’re happy and safe.