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How are you? Got anything on your mind? Not sure you want to make a post about it? Comment here!


Eid Mubarak everyone. It's a somber day for me. My family is spread across the world and I'm flooded by memories of when we could celebrate together as a family. War sucks.

After more than two years, I finally got covid. I’m absolutely miserable and also kinda mad at the family member from whom I caught it. I ache all over, I can’t taste anything, and everything smells like meat all the time, which I didn’t even know was a thing with covid, but it is and it’s disgusting. I’m fully vaxxed, so I’ll be fine, but right now, this really sucks.

My sister got covid back in March 2020. Lost her sense of smell for a bit. It was the telltale sign of Covid back then. Her sense of smell eventually came back. She says smoke (as in campfire smoke) smells a lot better than she remembered it smelling before. Perhaps when your sense of smell recovers, some things might smell better than before

I had it last week too. In my case I think I’m pissed at one of my coworkers but I can’t say for 100% sure.

I had one terrifying moment where I thought I’d lost my sense of smell but it turned out to be just a stuffy nose plus nothing particularly to smell in my bedroom. For what it’s worth, I looked it up and practically everybody gets a sense of smell back within a few weeks.

I never get things delivered but I went ahead and put in an order for the supplements my PCP had recommended way back in case of Covid: vitamins C and D, zinc, and melatonin for sleeping. If I didn’t already have a hot water bottle I would have gotten that too, for the chills early on. And I did hit the cough syrup pretty hard. But everybody’s sickness is different. Hope you feel like yourself again soon.

I went on a plane for the first time. I know that probably sounds weird at 26, but I had never been on one before. Holy shit, those things are loud. Movies did not prepare me for the noise. It felt like we were going to blow up on takeoff and landing. But it was cool, and I had a fun trip. I went to the land of gender craziness, but luckily did not encounter any of it personally.

Cool verging on cold autumn days are here at last, yay May! I’m nearly finished knitting a skirt and might get to wear it sooner than I expected.

Jealous of you southern hemispherians. It's hot up here in the north 😭

I don’t envy you northerners at all at this time of year! Autumn, yes (and the colours) but summer, erk no.

A few weeks ago I (and probably everyone in my work place) got a flyer on a how to be a better ally conference focusing on how to "become better allies of people with marginalized identities at work." I just rolled my eyes and deleted it. I noticed the other day that it is on my boss' calendar.

I'm not too terribly concerned, because he is one of the better supervisors I've had and is supportive of and open to feedback from those he supervises.

I was watching some videos on youtube and a recommendation came up: 20 vs 200 dollar stylists. That was quite some show of capitalism and shallowness (looks looks looks looks fashion fashion fashion), even the lady herself has acknowledged it. But her comments were funny so I stayed for those 29 minutes.

After the video I scrolled the sidebar and there it was... "My sister got a facial feminization surgery" from the same fashion lady.

I hit the dislike button. For the first time ever, normally I don't klick those buttons.

Petty but worth it, I guess.

I'm watching Katie Herzog and Jesse Singal peak again today. Some liberal media is accusing Katie of being Radfem TERF. Jesse's trying to explain to the public-at-large Ricky Gervais is not a TERF, and debunking "Real Scientists" claims that the reason there's separate women's sports is because men are afraid women might beat them in sports.

I really do admire these two still trying to treat TRAs as sane people.

Does anyone know of any GC/radfem Etsy stores? When I search keywords I get misogynistic shit that TIM’s have wrongly tagged.

I'm preparing for my maths exams and I'm scared shitless. Topics are:

Part 1: multivariable calculus

  • graphing the domain, saying if the system is open, closed, limited, illimited

  • partial derivatives

  • Taylor polynomials

  • max and mins (including Hessian matrix and so on)

Part 2: financial math Interest, APR, annuities and so on

Good luck on your exams! ❤ I remember those days... partial derivatives can be a butt sometimes.

Unpopular opinion: I just finished the first season of Bridgerton and I was not ... impressed. I mean, it’s okay and mildly entertaining, but I don’t get all the hype.🤷🏻‍♀️

[–] alpinepunch 4 points Edited

Yeah I'm a period drama junkie and I was so excited at the Indian representation but Bridgerton's just way too netflixy. It's anachronistic to the point of ruining the setting/vibe of the show (playing Ariana Grande stuff in a period drama is a bit like making them wear frilly dresses with yeezys under them) and with period dramas the setting is like half the appeal. All the writing was pretty stale and heavy handed too.

YES‼️ You nailed it. It put me off reading Regency-era novels written by modern-day writers.

What is the show even about? I'm too afraid to ask anyone I know at this point...

I think it’s based on a series of novels based (?) on Jane Austen, set in the Regency period in England. The author’s American. I’ve never read the books but I have read (and love) Austen, so I thought I’d try the TV series.

To say it’s anachronistic is a huge understatement. Even if you don’t look at the multicultural casting (which I actually liked), there’s a lot of sex, weird costumes that bugged me because I’m a historical clothing nerd, and just overall too much modern elements that I think take away from the whole experience. But ... maybe that’s because I’m a History buff.

The first season was okay, enjoyable in a mindless way, but the second season was so bad I couldn’t continue. I found the acting to be really bad, for some reason.

Everybody knows nobody had sex in the old days, babies still got delivered by storks then. Can't believe they'd be so anachronistic 😳

Thanks for the info. My friend keeps begging me to watch it but i haven't got netflix and don't want to pay just for bridgeton

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