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What is that first illustration of? I was moderately obsessed with HP back in the day, but I can’t place that.

I love her drawings!

Looks like JK Rowling, more and more, is overcoming her so-called "transphobe," "hateful" pariah status, as well as the craven betrayal of the young Harry Potter stars, and is once again leveraging her talents - this time her visual arts talent - to ensure that she and her works stay relevant! Bravo!

I'm seeing a switch too, she used to be public enemy number one. And while institutions still treat her as such, and the TRAs screech, the people are no longer buying it. They just want to love their Harry Potter and J.K Rowling in peace, without these psychos ruining it.

I’d like to see her other illustrations. That first one shows how off-the-mark the casting for the film was, too ...

Honestly, with just a few exceptions, the casting was so bad it made the films unwatchable for me.

I liked Alan Rickman and Jason Isaacs, but I liked them before. I am one of those heretics who thought Richard Harris was awful.

Yes, they were the ones I didn't mind. It was the kids' casting that was especially bad, imo.

And it's ok, I agree. Harris might have been a good actor but he was terribly miscast as Dumbledore. But so was Michael Gambon who replaced him. I don't know why it was so difficult to get someone who actually fit the part....