Yes, my husband ran out on me when I was diagnosed with a brain tumour (Happily turned out to be benign and was cured and after that I moved countries and raised my kids alone).

I am sorry your ex was a POS, but glad all turned out well and you got rid of the real cancer in your life.

I'm so glad it wasn't malignant. I wish that man hadn't wasted your time.

Finding a man who is truly capable of love, the way a woman loves- that's like finding a 4 leaf clover. The vast majority of men are with a woman for what they can get: sex, a trophy, a clean living environment, food, possibly offspring. You will always be #3 at best in a man's heart. Himself, and his front worm, occupy spots #1 and #2.

Short answer because men view women as resources and service providers. When we stop fulfilling our functions we are thrown away and replaced.

Men don’t actually provide anything for women except fertilization. We have to be trained from birth to believe differently. The only advantage men have is their greater physical strength and the aggressive hatred to use it. This is no small thing and isn’t easy to overcome. But the fact remains that men gain far more from women than vice versa. It’s time to take back the truth.

But according to red pillers, women can't actually love and only men are capable of true love.

Redpillers probably think getting cancer is a "shit test" to deny them sex or whatever

Perhaps women should all get fake cancer diagnoses about three years into our relationships, as shit tests ... you know, to test if the man is shit.

This is also another good argument against women marrying or partnering with older men (more than, say, 5 to 7 years older). The men will usually run into age-related health issues first, the women will look after them, but even if the men wanted to return the favor, they probably won't be around to do so. They'll have passed away or become old/ill enough to not be good caretakers. And that's assuming they're willing to stick around to help out.

My experience is, women should never count on getting the kind of care back from a man that they're willing to give to a man. It happens, but rarely.

A nurse 👩‍⚕️ and a purse 💰. Luckily a lot of older women around me are absolutely based when it comes to even older men sniffing around them for the ol nurse n purse.

I think that is why so many go overseas to shop for a younger wife - you can send her out to work and she will do all the domestic work for you. I just laugh when the women divorce them as soon as legally possible.

I know women who seek out older blokes exactly because the bloke will probably die before her... Some of them expect to inherit the bloke's stuff and live the rest of their lives comfortably by themselves after that...

It seems to be more common for poor women from developing countries... I know a Filipina in her late 20s who married a bloke from the USA in his 40s...

If a woman marries an older man after careful calculation of how well off she'll be as his widow, good for her.

I kinda get the impression that poor women from developing countries are smarter about this than libfemmy women from developed countries, who have the rose-tinted romance goggles on when it comes to men.

(When I was younger I used to think it was disgusting that women prostituted themselves for money, even if it was just one john, but I have since come to realize that women often get with men they are not attracted to and who have no money, either, just to "have a boyfriend" or whatever. In this case, gold-digging is preferable.)

I think socialisation plays a pretty big part in it; men are raised to put themselves first, whereas women are often raised to prioritise the needs of others.

From what I've seen, a lot of women are just unaware of how common it is for men to leave when things get tough until they experience it firsthand. After all, it serves men as a whole to keep the phenomenon under wraps (either by removing comments highlighting it in online spaces, or discrediting anyone who does so as misandrists/claiming "NAMALT!!!") because that keeps women ignorant to the risk and thus easier to pin down so that they have a live-in carer in the event they get sick or injured. There might also be a bit of Not My Nigel-ing going on with some women who do know better but still risk getting married to less than stellar men, idk.

Women are often raised to prioritize the needs of others.

If they accept that dirty end of the stick for themselves there's nothing I can do about it, but I lose patience when they start expecting ME to prioritize the "needs" (wants, whims, demands) of "others" (English translation: men).

Less-evolved men can't take care of their own emotions; they need women to do it. When women are preoccupied with their own issues, men feel lost and seek what they need elsewhere. Men and women are often not equals in the emotional side of relationships – men are often weaker and need women to shore them up. (Do women abandon men when men can't pay the bills? I doubt it happens that much. Women pitch in. Men drift away helplessly. Learn to swim, dude.)

It reminds me of Agatha Christie. Her marriage was fine until her mother died. She went through a period of deep mourning, and during that time her husband found someone else to take care of him emotionally. He couldn't even wait for her to resurface.

Wow!! I had no idea - Agatha Christie is so fucking intelligent and successful, it's insane to me that that wasn't enough for him.

This reminds me of two stories in my working days:

  • First was of the delivery driver of an office building where I worked. His wife had cancer and his grand reaction to it was for him to hit on all the younger women in my building to see if we wanted to go partying with him.
  • Second is not sick related, but it is of a woman who lost her eldest child to a drug overdose (it was the first time taking drugs ever and I guess they got a bad batch). Shortly after the funeral, her husband decided to leave her and run off with a much younger woman.

That's insane - do you know if he ever faced any kind of karma or justice? It's crazy what these men can get away with.

Disgusting. Second story made me think of a woman I knew who was traumatised after accidentally hitting a teenager who was playing chicken on the highway at night. Instead of supporting her, her husband cheated and told her to get over her trauma

And on top of this all-too-common sad story, I've known two different women who, after being left for younger women by their long-time partners/husbands, turned around and cared for those exes when they had life-threatening health problems!

My sister's mother-in-law did this! She's such a sweet woman, but this is so... girl, just why? He obviously does not give a flying fuck about you. I guess she'd rather get used than feel useless though, and her generation grew up hearing that you're not a good woman unless you're useful to men.

Such a waste of female potential. Think of how much better off we would be if we didn't enslave and devalue more than half of the human population.

I hate to be all 'blame the woman' but sometimes I wonder if men feel no shame or fear about doing stuff like this because women never impose any consequences. They can always be sure they'll just get another partner who won't care about his history or, apparently, that their exes will still dote on them. If women had class consciousness and would refuse to date men who ruin the lives of other women I wonder if things would be different.

Yeah, I wonder sometimes too. And judging by the talking-to I got from a guy I turned down once, I guess some men worry that women will do that.

1) Because they're scum 2) Because women are fed this 'true love concurs all' bullshit from the time we're in diapers and societies in general tend to venerate the archetype of the long suffering wife or the woman who suffers for the people she loves

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