What a lovely woman and great trainer, and what a gorgeous dog!

Yes, silly headline. Doesn’t bother me much. I refer to my cats as my babies and others in a cat group use “meowmy” in reference to ourselves. I’m not thinking politics when talking about them.

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Dog Copies Everything Her Mom Does

Maybe this is just me being cranky and kvetchy as I admit I frequently am - but I am put off by the trend of referring to a woman who has a pet or other animal that she is close to, and apparently has legal responsibility for, as that animal's mom.

Especially at a time when women are being referred to as uterus-havers, birthing parents, gestators, carriers, surrogates, birthing bodies, and bodies with vaginas - and many say it's bigoted, exclusionary and transphobic for us to be called the mothers of the human children we have given birth to, adopted, raised and helped raise - calling a woman the mom of her dog doesn't sit well with me.

I don't mean to diminish the relationship with, and genuine enormous love for, that some women have with the dogs, cats, pet birds, rodents, rabbits, livestock, horses etc they are close to, provide for, feed, nurture, care for, play with, train, have raised and spend a lot of time with. But still, women who care for and live with animals are not those animals' moms.

Okay, first off, I was seriously impressed with the lady and the dog!

And you are right - I find it very creepy to think of my cats as my children. What would that imply? That I got pregnant by a cat? That my children had a weird birth defect, making them into cats? I am a cat and have a birth defect making me look human?

This! I expected the video to be about a puppy imitating its mother, as in an adult dog.