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I don't have a platform so i can't reach people like you can but please share this! I work in [REDACTED] on a small nicu/l&d floor. our trigger laws went into effect immediately after the decision. ofc we had an woman with an ectopic walk in at 11;30pm last night. we had to basically sit on her until the doc could speak with a lawyer. her ectopic RUPTURED. she then did not get her procedure done for another 9 HOURS be the doc was working with the lawyer for so long trying to work around the laws and not loose his liscence. by the time she had her procedure she had over 600cc of blood in her abdomen. she almost died. i am so scared of how often we as nurses are going to see things like this now and not be able to do a damn thing about it. we were all livid at huddle tonight, several of my coworkers were in tears

Women are going to die, it has already started.

Thank you for sharing this as awful as it is. How can medical care for an ectopic pregnancy or a miscarriage be withheld? It’s monstrous and it must break laws about hospitals having a duty of care. Is this a way we could start fighting this? Start by getting proper care for medical emergencies related to pregnancy and that withholding this care breaks other existing laws?

All the trigger laws have language that explicitly states that treatment for ectopic pregnancies is allowed, but that’s not common knowledge for doctors on the front lines, clearly.

States with these laws need to issue directives to all doctors do that they know that they won’t face prosecution, otherwise we will see stories like this happening over and over.

I looked to see where the closest clinics are to where I live. Closest 3.5 hours away. Second closest 9.5 hours. Third closest 10.5 hours. If a state senator had his way, even abortions for ectopic pregnancies would be banned (as it stands, only abortions for the woman's health are legal here, but I bet most doctors would be in the legal department to see if even that's legal like in this post). So, I'd have to drive multiple hours and hope I wouldn't die on the way.