(Sorry for the image saying "TITS Committee" lol - I think they were trying to be cute and it stands for The Implant Truth Society or something...)

So I went down a rabbit hole and I can't believe something so common is actually under-researched and dangerous for many women. Breast Implant Illness or BII is not an official diagnosis even though there are thousands of women suffering the same symptoms, and there is even a class action suit happening against the FDA for not pushing informed consent with these implants.

If you go on Youtube there are many stories of young and healthy women suddenly developing what can only be called an autoimmune disorder immediately after getting implants. They suffer for years and, being young and female, are mostly ignored or shuffled from doctor to doctor.

It's absolutely tragic and very scary to discover this, as I've been flirting with the idea of getting implants for years - enough to do the odd google about procedures and surgery stories, and have NEVER come across this information until now. I feel like I uncovered a conspiracy! But alas, the conspiracy is just plastic surgery money + patriarchy = don't tell women that getting big boobs might wreck their health for life.

Wow. Sounds similar to the trans thing - the info all there if you just think to look...

I'll need to look into this further. Thank you for the tip.

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Hm, interesting. I have Poland Syndrome which in my case luckily means I only have unusually short fingers and I was also missing most of my left breast's breast tissue. When I was 16, I had corrective plastic surgery and I was told that unless there was a problem with my implant, it could stay in until I died. I'm 28 now.

I wonder who I could turn to get it checked? Or do I absolutely have to have it exchanged? I wouldn't want it just taken out and not replaced because my unaffected breast is pretty big and it'd be incredibly lopsided :(

Edit: I do have some of those things on the list, most notably anxiety, but that was diagnosed before I even got the implant so... probably not caused by the implant and, at most, exacerbated?

Might be worth it to do your research and see what your options are. I think there are certain types of silicone that are more likely to degrade and cause problems so knowing the ingredients of your particular implant will make the process easier.

I'm a big fan of "if it ain't broke don't poke it" but if you are experiencing some symptoms that aren't explained by other conditions/lifestyle, you definitely want to investigate because your health is so important <3

I just looked into it some more and apparently my particular implant can stay in for life but can also be exchanged between 10-20 years after implantation to keep the visual result if it shifted or something. I'm a little relieved, lol. I'll definitely keep it on my radar though.

Yep, only last like 10 years or something

That's true, but at least the surgeon will tell you that in your consultation that they need to be "revised" every ten years. "Revision" is a euphemism for having another major surgery to completely replace the implants and probably do more to the surrounding tissue as heavy implants sag, so they usually do a breast lift as well.

That alone is scary because if you get implants in your 20s, you're opting in to at least 5-7 major surgeries assuming you live past retirement. But Breast Implant Illness starts immediately after the implants are put in, it's like an autoimmune response to the implants and makes the woman sick, often too sick to work or function.

And think how terrifying it is that breast cancer survivors are pressured to have "breast restoration" after mastectomy with these same implants that cause autoimmune disease.

So sad. Especially since - and I also found this out today - it's actually dangerous to do a mammogram on implants as well. You can only do more specialised and expensive scans as you shouldn't apply pressure to the implant.

I found out about 20% of breast augmentations are reconstructive. I can't judge at all because I haven't been there and I'm sure it's traumatising to have such an unavoidable physical reminder of your illness. But it's tragic that a cosmetic "fix" could cause even further health problems, including a type of immune cancer called ALCL. It just seems unconscionable.

Do you think being too ill to work has any influence on many women's desires to be a "housewife"? Like the young women who spend their savings on implants and consider it an investment, they feel sick all the time and don't know why but they conclude looking hot is way less work than actual work.

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I don't want to be mean or dismissive towards these women, but like... you've got foreign objects stuck in your body and your body's job is to expel it in any way possible, so what exactly did you think would happen?

I know they probably weren't told, and that's what's really fucked up about this.

Almost like putting artificial objects inside your living, breathing, body might cause problems?

I understand some people need things like pacemakers but even then it’s not psychological but physical in that you need it and it still can cause damage and would obviously ideally not be had. Breast implants I will never understand. Well, I understand cancer survivors and people with severe mental despair over their bodies who think they may never have a relationship without it but even then I think it should be cautioned rather than encouraged.