The original study results are in English.

A staggering 73% of women have been made to feel uncomfortable whilst exercising in a public gym, according to a new survey by UK sports nutrition brand DNA Lean. The most common experiences were staring (91%) and unsolicited or inappropriate comments (46%). Other women reported having photos taken of them, and one respondent said they had been followed by a car after leaving the premises.

Also, off-topic but I didn't know Polish didn't use some derivation of žena for 'woman'. Wiktionary says of kobieta: "Considered derogatory until the 19th century; now the standard, neutral word." Do you know how it came about that this derogatory form was kept and żona became restricted to 'wife' only? (Or if you don't know but have a link where I can read up on it, that would be great! I speak a Slavic language and can read a little Polish if I tried, but don't know how to go about searching for stuff in it.)

And regarding "specjalistek i specjalistów" in the first paragraph, is it standard in Polish to include both feminine and masculine or is it just because this is a women's interest site?

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I think this site has the best explanation https://sjp.pwn.pl/ciekawostki/haslo/kobieta;5757019.html

It's the site of Polish Scientific Publishers that's also very popular as a place with advice on grammar and vocabulary.

They basically say that there is one etymologist that thinks the word 'kobieta' was very derogatory and came either from 'koba' (then female horse) or 'kob' (then pigsty). The latter one would be because old village women would often be the ones working around the pigsty. However, the etymologist from the link thinks that the original meaning of 'kobieta' might not have been as derogatory as first implied and possibly came from words for foreteller or another word that would be more associated with peasants rather than nobility, or from another language. (They give a few more examples.) They don't really go into the details of how 'kobieta' overtook 'żona' but they show examples in literature of how the word was used over time.

Anyway, if you want to read the entire article then DeepL works quite well on it! (Though it's not perfect.)

As for "specjalistek i specjalistów", it's been a while since I read Polish articles but from what I remember, whether they include both masculine and feminine words depends on the context more often than not.

But we can’t have women’s only gyms because of twans feeeelwings

Thank you

I don’t feel terribly uncomfortable now because I’ve aged and learned to ignore. But I definitely feel more relaxed in women’s gyms

Another thing I love about women only gyms

They have more sensible weight increments for women

For example dumbbells

5lb->7.5->10->12.5->15 etc.

I hate how ‘mixed’ gyms go 5 to 10 to 15. Thats going up by 100% and then by 50%. In weight.

The male equivalent would be 15lbs to 30 to 45. (Source: my super precise guys who go to the gym estimate)

The ‘mixed’ gyms also only have one hip adductor machine, which appeals to and helps women. There will be women lining up. Meanwhile, 10 of the 15 different pectoral machines will be unused at any time

I wish they would at least consult women at the mixed gyms

I felt uncomfortable the few times I used a gym, not because of men - it was a women’s gym - but because of the freaking noise levels. I hate having loud music imposed on me.

I found using noise cancelling ear plugs helps a ton.

I have used them for many years, for sleeping or commuting in my public transport years.

I use them for sleeping too, just discovered them recently. Haven't had a chance to use them at a gym because there aren't any women only ones in my area unfortunately. Now thinking about it, I wonder if the sweat would make them more difficult to use.

This is why I exercise at home

I am also extremely puzzled by "scrunchies" in leggings because they are really to look good for others rather than comfort (and overprized leggings)?

I have some underwear with the ass crack scrunches, and they do help prevent wedgies a little bit. So I guess it's nice for women who don't want to keep picking their leggings out of their butt and also to those who just want to look sexual while working out.

That’s why I stopped going to the gym once I could set things up at home. I wish it had stopped at staring.