I read her frequently in The Nation. She was currently working on a book about the evolution of narcissism. RIP

I read her frequently in *The Nation*. She was currently working on a book about the evolution of narcissism. RIP


Witches, Midwives and Nurses by her and Deirdre English was a little bit life changing for me. It was an introduction into how women's history had been erased, as well as how the work of healing was stolen from women and transformed into something altogether different. For Her Own Good: Two Centuries of the Experts Advice to Women should be required reading. And it wasn't a great book by certain standards, but I really enjoyed Natural Causes: Killing Ourselves to Live Longer. I feel like in the writing of that, she made peace with the inevitability of her own death, and decided to live her later years in a way that felt right to her, regardless of what the doctors had to say about it. And for that I deeply respect her.

A brilliant woman. A gift to humanity. Long may she be remembered.

Thanks for the recommendations. I have only read two of her books and realize I should read more.

She was ridiculously productive. She authored 23 books and hundreds of articles. I've also only read a fraction of her work and now I have new resolution to read everything she ever wrote.

I distinctly remember reading Nickel and Dimed in my first year or two in the USA. I was working as a nursing assistant part time while getting my nursing degree and it hit me like a ton of bricks. I went on to read For Her Own Good. What a wonderful mind we've lost.

I loved her books so much! "Nickel And Dimed" and "Smile Or Die" shaped my political thinking.

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RIP to a great one. I absolutely loved her work (her books on the harms of positivity and working class poverty in the U.S. in particular) and her outlook on life. Fresh Air interviewed her seven times, starting in 1983, and you can hear all those interviews here: https://freshairarchive.org/guests/barbara-ehrenreich?page=3

She was interviewed hundreds of times on many other podcasts and you can hear some of them here:


What a treasure she was!

thank you so much for theses resources! I agree...an absolute treasure!

May she rest in power. And, if there is a fun feminist afterlife that exists I hope she and Molly Ivins sponsor potlucks there every day.

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