I listened to this book on tape. Don't bother - it was super boring. There is a lot less sex and death than you would think.

I listened to it a long time ago but from what I remember these girls were actually very radical Stalinist communists and were killing people in the name of the Communism.

This was amazing information. There were great female undercover agents that are forgotten and treated like an exception. Virginia Hall ( A Woman of No Importance) and Nancy Wake who between them organized and led the French Resistance into an actual fighting force during WWII. All treated as freakish exceptions. There were tons of other unsung women doing important work in WWII but because of sexism they’re forgotten. This is how women’s history and women’s achievements are suppressed.

I don't think I've ever heard of these two women (or at least not by name) so thank you very much for introducing me to them. I'll have to find a good article to read up on them too now!

This should be a movie!

I would pay to watch that! If directed and written and funded by females only.

There’s a storyline about this on the show World on Fire. Very good show, it also gets into the nazis killing disabled people.