[Eastwood] was recruited by Katharine Brandegee, a town constable’s widow who consoled herself by earning an M.D.


In August 1912, Pfeiffer was a graduate student at the University of Chicago with bad luck in the job market. A college where she had accepted a job teaching botany had withdrawn the offer before she could arrive, according to family lore. The school had found a man willing to take the job after all.

Thus she was heading to the University of North Dakota as a botany instructor. The professor who hired her had been so evasive about exactly what her salary would be that she had agreed to work a second job as governess for his two daughters.

bad luck

Norma Etta Pfeiifer (PhD, Chicago) classified Thismia americana, now believed extinct.

Alice Eastwood, self-taught botanist, named the Franciscan manzanita, long thought extinct in the wild.

Both could come under 'Badass' too.