How do I get an Ovarit invite code?

For the time being, we are requiring an invite code for registration. This will last at least until we are out of beta, so if you want to join, don't wait, get a code.

We're distributing codes to those who send us a private message on Spinster, Twitter, or Saidit.

If you can't request a code via Spinster, Twitter, and Saidit, you can try to find a user to give you a code.

Users are able to distribute a limited number of codes once they reach a certain level, attained by posting posts and comments and getting voted up. Currently users have to be level 7 to distribute codes. These codes are good for one use and have no expiration. To find out your level, go to your user profile by clicking your username. To distribute codes, click the "Invite codes" button from your profile, in the sidebar, which is at the bottom on mobile.

If someone distributes many of their codes to people who turn out to be trolls we're going to judge them. We know mistakes (and assholes) happen, but please make a minimal effort to not let your codes get into bad hands.

Last update: Fri Oct 2 04:44:40 2020