Wow, can't believe we're up to 36 circles too! So thankful to all the women here who contribute their time and energy into modding & keeping the site running for us all. 5k is dope!!

It's been a month and 10 days since we were at 4,000 too. Our growth is really picking up speed.


I keep meaning to find homes for my accumulated invite codes and this good news gives me an extra push to help accelerate the community's growth.

Very cool! Is it also known how many people view the site? I know some people who read it but don't join, mostly men.

Here are the latest monthly stats... they give that info there. :)

[–] finalgirl 23 points Edited

Amazing milestone! Here's to many more! This is truly an invaluable space for women. When r/GC was banned I was honestly devastated, but now I have hopes Ovarit can become something even greater :)

Thank you so much to you and the other mods and admins and everyone else making this a place where women can speak freely.

Question, can non members see our profiles and comment history?

[–] januaryembers 33 points Edited

If you're not signed in, the information you get from clicking on a username is limited. It gives a brief summary-how long they've been registered here and their 'posting habits', so which circles they post in, and it says how many posts they've made, how many comments, and what their total score is.

But you're not allowed to see the actual posts and comments. If you try to, it tells you to log in, so you have to be a member to see that info.

Yes. You can always log out and see what a non-member would see.

True, I can't believe I didn't think of that 🤣

You just love this place so much logging out doesn't even cross your mind. I get it. 😝

That’s fantastic!! Thank you so much for all the work the admins have done and keep doing.

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