This is a really surreal experience for me. I remember the first time I was ever in the US and happened to come across Tucker Carlson on TV, I could not watch him for more than a few minutes. He enraged me that much. I never would have thought that I could find him likable at all....ever. But here I am, and it's not the first time either. I have enjoyed his interviews with Kara Dansky just as much.

And yes, I'm sure he has some other agenda attached to this, one I wouldn't necessarily agree with. But at the same time he seems very genuine in his respect for Helena in this and also for Kara in the multiple interviews he did with her.

That's where we are right now, who would have thought.

This really has emphasized to me that society needs to be careful about categorizing groups of humans as either all evil or good, black or white.

The reality is people are complex, they can both hold good and bad positions and ideas at the same time. It’s all shades of grey, and we need to be careful to not demonize and dehumanize those who we may view as politically opposed to us.

Helena is a conventionally feminine and attractive woman who plays into the gender roles that Tucker approves of. He uses her for his own motives. Do you think he would platform a GNC lesbian in the same way? He doesn't stop being a misogynistic asshole just because he managed to be nice to a woman for 5 minutes on video

I've never seen him be misogynistic, as far as I can remember. And I've watched a lot of Tucker Carlson. I think this is only in your head, but I'm open to examples of Carlon's misogyny.

You're absolutely right. One of the multiple things this gender ideology nonsense has taught me so far. I used to be way more "black and white" myself before.

Hitler loved dogs, and the NSDAP (OG Nazi party) were fierce defenders of animal rights in general. Some of Germany's modern-day animal-rights statutes are still the ones introduced by the literal Nazis.

People can also be very good actors and liars.

I do agree we're complex though, and I believe at least 99% of us are actually political mosaics, not pure leftist or pure right-wing or 100% absolutely centrist. Everyone's got their blind spots, everyone's got those few places in their politics where they want to feel and not think. (And I don't mean the leftists.)