I don't understand the "reasoning" of that tweet to Douglas Murray.

Murray tweeted about two female people - one a TIF, the other an enby they/them-er - who announced they are leaving the Guardian because of transphobia. Murray commented that it appears we're "watching a snake eat its own tail. Wonderful."

In response, the racist person said, "Douglas if you call trans-women men we" will say racist things about Black people. "You hurt us, we hurt you back."

I don't get this at all because 1) Murray didn't mention TIMs at all in his tweet; 2) Murray isn't black himself; 3) Defending blacks against racism, and calling out racism against blacks, is not what Douglas Murray is known for, to put it mildly. In fact, many see Murray as the epitome of "white male privilege" - and over the years, lots of people have accused the conservative Murray of being a white supremacist (though Murray's detractors mainly accuse him of being racist against black and brown people who are Muslim because they are Muslim, and especially Muslims who are recent-vintage immigrants to the UK/Europe, rather than accusing him of being against black people broadly because of their skin color).

Very disturbed, attacking another white man with the threat of anti black racism? It doesn't even make sense, just seems like the man is racist period.

It's been hilarious to watch this because of the responses of the TIM's followers as they slowly realize that they've been following a racist white guy all along.

It's called a transreactionary phase. Didn't you know? They can see transphobia in everything.

A banana? Transphobic! A bag of chips? Transphobic! Public transportation? Transphobic! Reality? Transphobic!

Does he just think racist thoughts all day and look for any opportunity to voice them and get away with it? How did gender ideology become such a effective shield for the worst kind of people?

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90% of these males in gender woo are racist and violent. It's pretty much another way to express male violence and deviancy.

I think he is trying to imply that everyone thinks we're unable to read/low IQ and through social pressures everyone's just being polite about it as a direct analogue to how everyone is being polite by treating him as an enfeminine😂. Which is kind of unusual, unfortunately we have a wide range of intelligence levels and they're consistently male (excluding my so valid biotrans allies, and some intersex tips 💖)

Gender ideology is a shield for the worst kind of people. They are on par with Nazis imho.

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A lot of them talk about their “Nazi phase” as if they ever left it.

That's exactly what it looks like. When he backed up his claim with statistics it looks like he's been waiting for this opportunity.

Well, that's some in-your-face racism... I can barely get myself to comment on Twitter, and then there are people like this dude just shamelessly spewing racism.

Also, how will that hurt Murray? I mean, apart from racism just generally being really bad for a society.

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This racist loser’s comment was posted in this circle yesterday.


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Yeah except that even though obviously some black people have low IQs every transwoman without exception is a man.

That's, like, a prerequisite.

Has anyone yet linked the original VICE article on here? They're dissing the Guardian for being transphobic!!

Oh yeah, eat your own, please PLEASE keep going with this!


(ETA: I see one of the 'journalists' is Freddie the Seahorse ... to be fair, having looked up her website, she has once or twice written about things other than herself, so ... trainee-journalist, shall we say? About Vic Parsons I know nothing)

Slick talk for someone who believes woman is a feeling. His statement and existence is a paradox.

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Murray is many things but a fool he is not. This whole mess with the trains, enbies and "what's a woman, I can't tell ya" will implode. It is a snake eating it's own tail. Chopping children's breasts and cutting their penises and pumping them full of puberty hormone blockers is not sustainable.

In fact, Murray is one of the few Brits I can stomach.